The on-air authority figure has a long and storied history in the WWE. Smackdown currently has Daniel Bryan, while Raw has Kurt Angle and the role is now used as a way to keep inactive wrestlers on our screens. This past week, 205 Live opened with an announcement from Smackdown General Manager, Daniel Bryan, that 205 Live would be unveiling their very own General Manager next week. This is a big step for the show, which many WWE fans believe to have been a failure. Appointing the right GM could create a nice amount of buzz for the brand, and even drag viewers back into the show, which continues to lose viewers week in, week out. The General Manager role is often given to former WWE stars, but it has, on several occasions, been given to current superstars and on-air personalities. Let’s take a look at some realistic candidates to fill the role on 205 Live.

William Regal

William Regal is doing an excellent job of being General Manager for NXT at the moment and most fans would be pretty sad to see him leave Full Sail and head to 205 Live. Simply put, though, when have the WWE worried about what the fans will think? Regal is an excellent on-screen personality and could really help bring some viewers back to 205 Live. His name was mentioned several times on commentary during 205 Live itself this week, and while the commentators rarely give things away with their ‘predictions’, there is a slim possibility that this could happen.


Drew Gulak

Drew Gulak is one of the most talented mic performers on the 205 Live roster. His recent run with Enzo Amore has given him plenty of exposure to the WWE universe and he is one of the most recognisable faces on the brand. Enzo Amore’s release from the company now leaves Gulak back at square one, and while taking on the GM role would rule him out of in-ring action, it would no doubt be a popular choice with fans. Gulak could actually help develop real storylines on the brand and maybe, just maybe, help drive up interest in the show.

Gulak also expressed his interest in the role, from a kayfabe point of view, of course, this past week on 205 Live, airing an amusing video segment akin to a presidential campaign. I can definitely get on board for #Gulak2018

Rockstar Spud

One of the interesting things about the WWE’s announcement on 205 Live this past week, was that the GM role would officially be announced next week. My initial thought concerning this was, why not now? Logic would dictate that the company are holding off on the announcement until after the Royal Rumble because the GM could be a returning or debuting superstar. Rockstar Spud, who signed with WWE a few months ago has been expected to make his arrival on 205 Live for quite some time now and he would be the perfect choice to be the brand’s first ever GM. Spudd has experience playing an on-screen authority figure in Impact and his character would definitely help improve the virtually non-existent storylines on the brand.


MVP made his first appearance in the WWE in nearly 8 years this past Monday night, when he was sat alongside the APA during the tag team poker game segments. While this is no indication that the former US champion is going to re-sign with the WWE, it does suggest that the two parties have a good relationship and an easy, on-screen role might be just what MVP is looking for right now. He is an excellent worker on the mic and can carry a natural air of authority to him. He could also tease an in-ring return on the brand, which many fans would want to see.


Goldust’s in-ring career is drawing to a close. The former tag-team champion has been, for the most part, a loyal servant to the WWE and with him being given less and less time on television, a full-time position as general manager of 205 Live could be perfect for him right now. Goldust has been wrestling with Cedric Alexander in recent weeks and many fans have been speculating as to whether or not he would make a full-time switch to the show. It seems unlikely that he would compete on the show as a performer, so having him as an on-air authority figure would make a lot of sense. Goldust is great on the mic and watching him try and run a show, in character as Goldust create some highly amusing moments. He also has a personal interest in Cedric Alexander, which could give the brand a storyline heading forward. Above all else, he might just be able to inject some personality into a show that has been severely lacking in just that.

Gregory Helms 

Of all the names on this list, Gregory Helms seems like the most viable option for me. Helms has not been tied to a company since leaving Impact Wrestling back in the summer of 2017, which means he would be free for both a surprise Rumble appearance and the role of 205 Live GM. Helms has a long and storied career with both the WWE and the Cruiserweight division and he would make the perfect authority figure on the brand. Helms could stay away from the ring, unlike a few other candidates on this list, and would be a name that a lot of WWE fans instantly associate with the Cruiserweight division, which could help draw viewers in for the show.

Matt Hardy is also going on tour with 205 Live next month, and having Helms don his Hurricane outfit and perform in some capacity with Hardy would also be a nice nod to the work the two did together in Impact. He would also make an excellent choice for a surprise entrant at this year’s Royal Rumble.

Steve Carrier

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