Six Potential General Managers for 205 Live

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The on-air authority figure has a long and storied history in the WWE. Smackdown currently has Daniel Bryan, while Raw has Kurt Angle and the role is now used as a way to keep inactive wrestlers on our screens. This past week, 205 Live opened with an announcement from Smackdown General Manager, Daniel Bryan, that 205 Live would be unveiling their very own General Manager next week. This is a big step for the show, which many WWE fans believe to have been a failure. Appointing the right GM could create a nice amount of buzz for the brand, and even drag viewers back into the show, which continues to lose viewers week in, week out. The General Manager role is often given to former WWE stars, but it has, on several occasions, been given to current superstars and on-air personalities. Let’s take a look at some realistic candidates to fill the role on 205 Live.

William Regal

William Regal is doing an excellent job of being General Manager for NXT at the moment and most fans would be pretty sad to see him leave Full Sail and head to 205 Live. Simply put, though, when have the WWE worried about what the fans will think? Regal is an excellent on-screen personality and could really help bring some viewers back to 205 Live. His name was mentioned several times on commentary during 205 Live itself this week, and while the commentators rarely give things away with their ‘predictions’, there is a slim possibility that this could happen.

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