Garcia welcomes Becky Lynch to the show.

Lynch informs that she predicted there’d be a Women’s Royal Rumble match within the next two years several months ago. She feels that a Women’s Rumble is a natural progression for the women who’ve already made history in several different ways over the last year. For this reason, the announcement wasn’t a big surprise to her.

She informs that she’s kept a journal her entire life, and after hearing that there was going to be a Women’s Rumble match she immediately wrote in her journal that winning the Rumble was her main goal for 2018.  She informs that another goal of her’s is to main event WrestleMania someday, and whether she does or not, she thinks it’s only a matter of time before women main event ‘Mania.


Garcia informs that she recalls a time backstage when everyone would get up to get a drink or use the washroom when the women’s match came on. She remembers seeing the frustration on the face of the women at that time because they didn’t know what they had to do in order to change things. She’s very happy that the women on the roster today don’t have to deal with those frustrations.

Garcia welcomes Natalya to the show.

Natalya mentions that she made her WWE debut in 2008, but she’s been around wrestling her entire life. She points out that she went seven years between Title runs, and a lot of people, including some of her co-workers didn’t think she’d ever win a Title again.

Now that she’s had the Title again, she admits that she wants to have that feeling again. Even if that doesn’t happen, she’s determined to continue making history along with all the other women on the current roster. She’s very happy that WWE is striving to have as much gender equality as possible on today’s roster, and the women are certainly taking advantage of their opportunities.

Garcia asks Natalya who she’d love to see return at the Royal Rumble event. Natalya informs that she would love to see Beth Phoenix make a surprise return to WWE at the Rumble. She believes that Phoenix was ahead of her time, and was a big part in ushering in a new way for women to be presented on WWE programming. She’s also a huge fan of Lita, Trish Stratus, Victoria, Michelle McCool and more.

Garcia welcomes Carmella to the show.

Carmella admits that it’s hard to believe she’s had the Money in the Bank briefcase for nearly 7 months at this point. She says that she made history by becoming the first ever Women’s Money in the Bank Contract winner, even if it was in controversial fashion, and that’s something that nobody will ever be able to take from her.

She informs that her relationship with Big Cass is indeed over. She says that the life as a WWE Superstar is very busy, and sometimes life gets in the way. She’s happy that they were able to end their relationship on good terms, adding that nobody knows what the future holds and they may even get back together at some point.

Carmella says it’s a very exciting time to be a part of the wrestling business with the first ever Women’s Rumble about to happen, and she admits that she’s selfishly hoping to make more history by winning the first ever Women’s Rumble match as well.

Garcia welcomes Bayley to the show.

Bayley feels that since she’s arrived in WWE, the entire women’s division has accomplished an incredible amount of things. She’s so thrilled to be a part of it and she considers herself very lucky to have arrived in WWE at this point in time. The Women’s Royal Rumble match is just another example of the amazing things that are happening in WWE right now, and she can’t even explain how excited she is for it.

Garcia asks Bayley who she was inspired by as a young wrestling fan. When she was growing up watching wrestling, Bayley says she was inspired by Lita and wanted to model her look and in-ring style off of her. For this reason, it was particularly cool for her to meet Lita and even interact with her on WWE programming as the Women’s Champion over the last couple of years.

That sums up today’s episode of Chasing Glory. You can listen to the show yourself anytime here, and I’ll catch ya next week for another recap!

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