It was reported earlier today that Twitter user @MissGucciWitch publicly accused Enzo Amore of rape. The women claimed that the incident took place back on October 19th in Arizona. Since the story broke, WWE has suspended Amore once word got out that actual police charges were filed against the WWE Cruiserweight Champion.

The woman has also provided additional details about the incident and revealed that Tyler Grosso and Twitter user TooPoor were accomplices in the act.

“Most people only blame Enzo but believe me Tyler & Layla were 100% aware & involved & hopefully if these charges go though & they all get prosecuted I’ll feel so much safer. I love you & thank you so much. “

The women also released additional details to and revealed what led up to the incident.


“Layla (TooPoor) posted to a couple of her fans and said ‘Who’s down to suck dick?’ I wasn’t down to suck dick, but I thought she’s probably down to hang out. I had been a fan of hers for a long time because I thought she was a really cool person. She messaged me and we DM’d back and forth — the police have the DM’s, I gave them my phone and they copied everything off of it. She invited me to the hotel all three of them were staying at. I had been a little drunk, but not too drunk to drive. I drove all the way over there — I was in Tempe and they were staying in Phoenix. She came to my car and walked me into the hotel and said ‘are you really down to suck his dick?’ I said ‘I don’t know if I’m really down to suck his dick, but if he’s cute and we get along, then maybe. If not I just want to hang out.”

Philomena continued, “I walk into the hotel room and there’s cocaine everywhere. They’re smoking weed and everything. We just started doing drugs,” she said. “Then they pulled out a different bag. I expected it to be a better version of cocaine — like top shelf that they had. They started giving it to me and I did like three lines in a row. It must have had meth or something I don’t even know, because I was literally was sitting there on the couch. I could hear what they were saying, I couldn’t speak, I was frozen. I can’t say I was unconscious, but I was not there.”

Philomena noted that she could still hear a conversation between Enzo and TooPoor:

“Enzo Amore goes ‘Layla thank you for bringing this girl around. This is the type of girl I’ve been waiting for… that I can just destroy. She’s such a lightweight, she doesn’t even know what’s going on. I’m going to rape the shit out of her.’ At first Layla and her boyfriend are like ‘Dude, come on are you for real? That’s kind of f***ed.’ And (Enzo) was like ‘No, I’m doing it. I don’t care what you say.'”

Steve Carrier

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