Does Samoa Joe Need Surgery for Recent Injury?


While appearing on Booker T’s Heated Conversations podcast, Samoa Joe discussed his recent injury and how long he’s expected to be out of action for.

“Anytime you miss one of the “Big 4” shows or, really, just shows in general it’s always sad to say. A younger version of me would definitely be stressing out and probably making this situation a lot worse. For me right now, I know what I need to do to get back and be healthy. I understand the time table and what I need to do to exceed that time table. I am more accepting of the process because I realize it’s unavoidable. Now it’s just about concentrating just getting back and being healthy.”

He continued, “As of right now it’s kind of a week to week thing. With these injuries sometimes these things can heal earlier and sometimes later. They are going to do a little bit of an ultrasound every week. They’re going to be giving me treatments. It’s not something that requires surgery. It’s basically a lot of time, rest, elevation and letting it heal. It just depends how quickly it’s going to heal. Hopefully it will be sooner than later. Obviously we’re going to be past the Rumble but I don’t know how much further past that.”

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