Dinner With the King Recap w/ Jim Ross – Reuniting for RAW’s 25th Anniversary, Vince McMahon Underrated as A Performer, Which Lawler Character Will We See at RAW25? More!

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Moore asks Lawler if he’ll be using his “puppies” line during this show. Ross doesn’t see any reason why that’d be an issue, but Lawler points out that time has moved on, and there are a lot of rules that commentators must abide by in 2018 that weren’t even dreamt of in 1998.

Ross feels that he and Lawler could still entertain fans on a weekly basis but he’s not sure if he would like a full-time work schedule anymore. Lawler agrees, saying he’s been thinking about that a lot lately. He’s just not convinced that he’d want to be on the road 300 days a year anymore.

Ross points out that his book is currently in its fourth printing and sales have been going so well that he plans on writing another book at some point. Lawler points out that he didn’t enjoy writing his first book many years ago. He and his ghost writer didn’t have a good relationship, and that made it a difficult project to be a part of.  Ross thinks Lawler has a tremendous story to tell, but he needs to be in the right situation to make it happen.

Ross says that he’s showing up in Brooklyn next Monday to “get after it”, and he’s going to treat this like WrestleMania. He points out that while this is meant to be a fun, light-hearted event, this is also a great opportunity for him and he’s determined to make the most of it.

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