Dinner With the King Recap w/ Jim Ross – Reuniting for RAW’s 25th Anniversary, Vince McMahon Underrated as A Performer, Which Lawler Character Will We See at RAW25? More!

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Lawler is joined on today’s show by his co-host, Glenn Moore, and Jim Ross.

Ross informs that he’s very excited to be reuniting with Lawler for RAW’s 25th anniversary next Monday night. He and Lawler will be working out of the Manhattan Center in Brooklyn, and Ross thinks the atmosphere will be absolutely electric there that night. It’s been nearly ten years since they called in-ring action together, and they’re both really looking forward to it.

Ross says he can’t promise that they’ll be good, but they’re damn sure going to have fun. Ross believes he and Lawler are going to sound very different than what fans are accustomed to hearing from WWE’s commentary teams, and this might actually put WWE’s current commentary teams in an awkward position.

He goes on to say that WWE put a lot of work into making this a special night for their fans, but some fans are still complaining because one specific legend or personality hasn’t been announced to appear. He points out that fans should just enjoy this night and try to have fun with it, because he sure will.

Ross says that he and Lawler had such tremendous chemistry when they worked together years ago. He adds that Lawler was so good and nothing Lawler said ever surprised him. On the other hand, Ross could never predict what was going to come out of Paul Heyman’s mouth when he worked with him. He loves Heyman, but Heyman would legitimately piss him off some nights.

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