While there are superstars in the worlds of football, cricket and tennis, there are also a select few individuals who manage to transcend their chosen sport.

Wrestling is no exception to this rule, with former stars such as Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair having appeared on the silver screen as well as in the ring. Current pro John Cena is another who has become a global sensation and internationally-renowned movie star, even though his lights may have dimmed in the WWE recently.

Given this, it’s little wonder that fans are excited by Cena’s appearance at WrestleMania 34, with the star set to headline in a main event that could see him land his 17th world championship.

How Will Cena Star at WrestleMania 34?


There’s no doubt that Cena retains a certain level mystique in the eyes of fans, particularly given his recent lack of marquee appearances or WrestleMania match-ups. His proposed return to the ring has therefore been well-received, particularly with given the additional speculation surrounding his potential opponent.

The level of speculation has been even more intense than unusual given the circumstances of April’s extravaganza, with the card’s presumptive main event between WWE Universal Champion Brock Lesnar and company golden boy Roman Reigns lacking in any real suspense. There’s little doubt that the former will dethrone the latter at WrestleMania 34, leaving Cena’s return the most intriguing aspect of the whole event.

He can only select from a limited range of opponents, for example, while there’s mounting speculation that this could well be Cena’s last ever appearance at WWE’s flagship event. The rumours accelerated after a lacklustre and odd showing during the Survivor Series, where he lacked a defined role and any kind of purpose. So, while the powers-that-be at the WWE continue to value Cena has one of their most prized assets, the man himself seems to have been focused on anything but wrestling during the last few years.

What Should we Expect at WrestleMania 34?

This apathy could have much to do with Cena’s sustained success as an actor and celebrity, of course, which has surely dampened his enthusiasm to undertake arduous training and painful match-ups.

If this is to be his final appearance on the grandest of stages, however, he would be sure to bring his very best to WrestleMania 34. We saw evidence of this after he took to the microphone against Reigns recently, where he displayed the energy and persona which helped to make him such a worldwide star. Additionally, he would certainly want to go out on a high, whoever he was pitched against in the ring.

From a betting perspective, Cena would be a clear favourite to win given his headliner status and the fact that his WWE career is surely heading towards a climax. You can access the latest odds for WrestleMania 34 through sites such as www.bestbettingsites.co.uk, regardless of which particular contest you’re interested in.

On a final note, it’s even been mooted that Cena’s swansong could be against Batista, who is said to want to return to the ring in time for the event. This would provide a wonderful, poetic and symmetrical ending for Cena, who graduated from the same developmental class at OVW as Batista and has enjoyed a similar career path over time.

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