The Taz Show Recap – NXT Analysis, Kassius Ohno Needs Work, Big Praise for Lars Sullivan, More!


Taz is joined on today’s show by his co-host, Seth.

Taz opens today’s show speaking about his decision to wear suits when he worked on Smackdown’s commentary team. All the other commentators at that time were were t-shirts or other outfits, so Taz wanted to wear a suit to be different. Vince McMahon loved the way Taz looked in a suit and soon mandated that all the announcers needed to wear a suit on air. He got ridiculed by Michael Cole and Jim Ross for a while after that because they were forced to wear a suit because of him.

Taz gets into his analysis of last night’s episode of NXT.

He points out that he liked the cold open of the show featuring The Undisputed Era. He likes that they stared into the camera while cutting their promo, but this was a bit too similar to how nWo would cut their promos during the attitude era for Taz’s liking. NXT even produced this to have a guitar riff in the background like the old nWo promos as well.

Taz urges Triple H to get together with his staff and come up with some original, creative ideas. He points out that this isn’t the 1980’s NWA or 1990’s WCW, this is 2018 NXT, and they have enough creative people there to come up with fresh, new concepts on their own.

Taz says that he’s just going to stop being critical of Mauro Ranallo’s commentary work on NXT programming. It’s obvious that nobody in WWE is going to help Ranallo get better or ask him to fix the things that he continues to do wrong, so it’s pointless to keep talking about it in Taz’s opinion. Instead, Taz simply muted the majority of last night’s broadcast.

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