Lawler is joined on today’s show by his co-host Glenn Moore. This is part two of their live recording at Lawler’s restaurant in Memphis.

A fan speaks up, saying he’s a big fan of Cody Rhodes. The fan continues by saying he’s happy for Rhodes given all the success Rhodes has had on the independent scene, and he feels that Rhodes would have never been able to show this type of personality on WWE programming.

Lawler points out that Rhodes doesn’t have the reach now that he had when he wrestled for WWE, but that hasn’t slowed him down financially. Rhodes has told him personally that he’s making more money now on the indies than he did in WWE.


The fan also asks Lawler if there’s any heat between him and his old broadcast partner, Jim Ross due to both of them being in the restaurant/sauce business. Lawler laughs and says there’s no heat at all. Ross had terrible luck with his venture into the restaurant business, and he warned Lawler about the risks of owning a restaurant prior to Lawler opening his own.

Luckily things have been working out pretty well for Lawler thus far, and he points out that he’s not marketing his restaurant’s sauces at this point so he and Ross aren’t really in the same business at all.

A fan asks Lawler if The Piledriver was his initial finishing move, and what made him decide to use that move initially. Lawler points out that when he started he would beat opponents with fist drops from the middle rope. Things were different back then and some of the crazy finishing moves that we see today weren’t even dreamt of at that time.

He adds that the Piledriver was a devastating move back in the 80’s, and still is to this day. It’s actually banned in WWE right now due to the legitimate risk of performing it, and only a couple competitors such as The Undertaker are permitted to use it.

Another fan asks Lawler what’s the most expensive piece of art he’s ever drawn and sold. Lawler says he’s rarely sells his art, but he did do an art show at one point a few years back and sold every piece of art he brought there. He sold about $6,000 worth of paintings that day, and he actually regrets selling some of them now because they were all originals and he’ll never get them back.

The fan also asks Lawler what gimmick or character he considers to be his greatest creation. In terms of singles competitors, Lawler says his greatest creation would probably be Kamala. In the tag team department it would be The Rock N’ Roll Express.

The next fan asks Lawler if he’d ever be interested in writing a book if he and WWE part ways at some point down the line. The fan thinks all of Lawler’s fans would love if he wrote a book. Lawler informs that writing a book is definitely something he’d be interested in, specifically an art book.

The fan then asks Lawler which piece of merchandise is his favourite out of his entire memorabilia collection. Lawler informs that he has an old “Hulk” pinball machine that he’s very fond of, but nothing can top his Batmobile.

The last question of the recording comes from a fan who wants to know which of today’s Superstars Lawler would have liked to work with in Memphis back in the day. Lawler says he would have loved to work with Braun Strowman, because anyone who looks like Strowman could have been a huge money-maker back in those days. He also thinks The Miz would have fit in at any point in wrestling history, given that he has a great personality and because he can get “old school” heat.

That sums up today’s episode of Dinner With the King. You can listen to the show yourself anytime here, and I’ll catch ya next week for another recap!

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