X-Pac opens today’s show by informing that he’s really looking forward to RAW’s 25th anniversary show at the end of the month. He’ll be returning to WWE for this show, but he jokes that he wasn’t happy about being left out of the announcements on RAW and Smackdown this week which named several of the returning legends.

He says he texted people at WWE to voice his displeasure about that, but he can understand WWE’s decision to leave his name out of these types of announcements. He knows that this is backlash for the way he lived his life for about 10 years. Luckily he’s in a much better place now and he’s thrilled to be invited back.

X-Pac welcomes WrestleZone’s Nick Hausman to the show.


Hausman recalls the night that X-Pac “tore his butthole”. Hausman was at the event that night and when the accident happened he leaned over to Hausman and told him what had happened. Hausman was in shock but the match continued. After the match X-Pac got 13 stitches in his butt and he didn’t miss one of his bookings, wrestling the following weekend wearing a diaper.

Hausman asks X-Pac if he thinks Cody and The Young Bucks can draw 10,000 fans to their “All In” event in 2018. X-Pac thinks they can definitely draw that many fans, especially if CM Punk is involved. The event is to be held in Chicago, and X-Pac thinks that Punk would definitely be interested in returning to the wrestling ring for this type of event.

X-Pac also thinks that this type of thing would really appeal to Daniel Bryan. Bryan’s contract is up next September, and that would open the doors for a potential a follow up show that Bryan may be able to main event.

X-Pac mentions that with Triple H at the helm, WWE is trying to become a lot more open to the outside opportunities that are beginning to arise for their Superstars. With Jericho dabbling in NJPW and Cody/Young Bucks putting together their own show, it’s obvious that life outside of WWE is manageable for professional wrestlers, and that’s a good thing for the business in general.

X-Pac thinks Impact made a great decision today to switch back to the 4-sided ring. On a picture that was taken from Impact’s tapings today, the Twitch logo was seen on one side of the ring apron. Hausman mentions that the most recent House of Hardcore show was shown on Twitch and had 500,000 viewers. That’s a substantial figure and this could be a great partnership for Impact moving forward.

X-Pac informs that he’s a fan of the Mixed Match Challenge, WWE’s inter-gender tag team tournament that will be airing exclusively on Facebook Watch. Hausman assumes that the male competitors will not be able to wrestle the female competitors during the tournament and X-Pac agrees, pointing out that the male competitors will certainly have to tag out when a female opponent enters the ring.

Hausman says that he’d love to see Booker T return to the ring for one more short run, similar to what we saw Goldberg do last year. X-Pac doesn’t think that’s out of the question at all because Booker T keeps himself in very good condition. He thinks Booker T could probably be in ring shape within a month if WWE were to give him a call to return to the ring.

In terms of an opponent for Booker T, Hausman says he can picture a program featuring a young upstart who disrespects Booker T, pushing him over the edge and forcing him into an in-ring return. Perhaps Samoa Joe or Elias would work well in that spot.

X-Pac asks Hausman if he’s ever written any headlines for WrestleZone that got him some heat in the business. Hausman mentions that he once co-hosted a podcast with Bret Hart, and on one episode Hart said that Triple H “…couldn’t lace his f***ing boots in the business”. Hausman had to run with that headline and he assumes that Triple H wasn’t fond of that.

X-Pac informs that he actually asked Triple H about that at the time, and Triple H said that he didn’t really care what Hart thought about his in-ring work. X-Pac says that he loves Hart, but he can also understand why some people think he’s bitter.

That sums up this week’s episode of X-Pac 1, 2, 360. You can listen to the show yourself anytime here, and I’ll catch ya tomorrow for another recap!

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