The Steve Austin Show Recap w/ Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake Pt. 2 – Missing out on Intercontinental Title Runs, Joining the nWo, Deciding to Retire, More!

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Austin welcomes Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake to the show for Pt. 2 of his interview.

Austin mentions that he was never a big fan of flying. He’d often have a couple of drinks before boarding his flights so he could fall asleep on board. He’d also do a ‘pilot check’ before taking his seat to ensure that the pilots seemed fit to fly the plane. Beefcake informs that he’d do that same thing, taking a few minutes before taking his seat to go and say hello the pilots and ensure that they were sober and fit to fly.

Beefcake talks about his experience working with The Dynamite Kid and the British Bulldog. He informs that they were great guys, but they were somewhat green when he began working with them. He couldn’t believe how strong both of those guys were, and his biggest task when working with them was just getting them to slow down.

Beefcake informs that he remembers one night at the Maple Leaf Gardens in Toronto Canada, when he worked a tag team match against The Bulldogs. All four men in the match that night got colour (bled) and that was extremely rare, especially for a house show (non-televised event).

Austin says he’s never see a tag team match where all four men got colour. He looks back at how common is was for wrestlers to cut themselves and bleed years ago, given all the information we have now about aids and other diseases. He points out that wrestlers never thought twice about cutting themselves back then, and it was common place for competitors to be bleeding all over each other during matches.

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