X-Pac opens today’s show by wishing a happy birthday to his long-time friend, Jim Ross. Ross turns 66 years old today, and X-Pac reinforces how much Ross has meant to him over the years as a mentor and a friend.

X-Pac talks about a recent video he saw of Brian Pillman Jr., son of former WWE Superstar, Brian Pillman. He points out that Pillman Jr. looks and works just like his father, and he has no issue at all with Pillman Jr. using the Pillman name throughout his wrestling career. He thinks Pillman Jr. should continue to use his family name and get every advantage that he can get out of it. He points out that Curtis Axel probably could have benefitted from utilizing the Henning name.

He mentions that Wrestle Kingdom 12 will take place is just a matter of hours, and he thinks this will be the biggest NJPW event ever internationally, mostly due to having Chris Jericho involved in the show. On the other hand, he doubts that this will be the biggest show NJPW has put off locally in Japan.

X-Pac welcomes Justin Credible to the show.

Credible informs that he’s feeling good right now, admittedly better than he should. He’s still struggling to stay away from alcohol, and he successfully made it through the holidays okay which was a huge step in the right direction for him.

He’s had a few short workouts recently, but he’s more concerned with focusing on his mental health right now and remaining in a positive frame of mind.

He informs that his psychiatrist tells him regularly that he needs to start loving himself, but he admits that he barely knows himself sometimes. It’s so strange to him that he feels this way because it takes a very high level of self-confidence to be a professional wrestler, yet his self esteem has always been an issue.

Credible mentions that he always felt comfortable in WCW, but after transitioning to WWE he never felt that way again. The only time he felt comfortable while he worked for WWE was when he was in the ring working matches.

Speaking about his recent relapse at an independent wrestling event, Credible mentions that he hasn’t spoken to the promoter since. He was invited there by a third party just to sign autographs so he didn’t really deal with the promoter at all. He hasn’t watched the film from that evening because it would probably do more harm than good at this point. He says that he didn’t intend to be a pain in everyone’s neck that night, but bad things happen to him when he drinks alcohol.

Luckily, after this news spread someone came forward to sponsor his trip to Atlanta where he can go through DDP’s program. A film crew might also be shooting a documentary about his recovery and hopefully his redemption, but he knows that how the story unfolds is completely up to him at this point.

X-Pac asks Credible what made him want to have a drink that day. Credible informs that he was arrested a few days prior and spent a couple of nights in jail. He was very embarrassed and his head was in a bad space, so he just wanted to have a few drinks that night. Unfortunately things got out of control, and he actually continued to drink after the incident as well because he was embarrassed and wanted to forget that it happened.

Credible admits that he spends so much time hating himself, feeling dissapointed and angry while thinking about the past. He can’t continue to do that, and he looks forward to being able to spend his time on more positive things and accomplishing things in the present and future.

He informs that his wife and kids are playing a very important role in him turning his life around. He’s been married 20 years, so obviously his wife is a big part of his life. WWE put him through rehab several times and it’s a really cool thing that they do that in Credible’s opinion.

He notes that WWE doesn’t need to do that, it’s not a mandatory thing, and they do it out of the good of their hearts. It’s hard for people to come up with those types of resources on their own when they’re in trouble, so being offered those types of resources by WWE is an incredible privilege in his opinion.

That sums up this week’s episode of X-Pac 1, 2, 360. You can listen to the show yourself anytime here, and I’ll catch ya next week for another recap!

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