The Taz Show Recap – Taz’s Top 5 Wrestlers of 2017, Which Female Superstar Made the Cut? Which Indie Star Tops The List? More!

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Taz delivers a special New Years Day edition of The Taz Show, in which he’ll break down his list of the Top 5 Wrestlers of 2017.

Before that, he points out that there have been a lot of changes happening behind the scenes of The Taz Show lately, but he’s happy to announce that The Taz Show will continue in 2018 with shows on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. He will get back into the swing of things with this new schedule beginning next week.

Top presents his top 5 wrestlers of 2017.

5. Kevin Owens

Taz thinks Owens should be on everyone’s top 5 list for 2017, because he had a great year in WWE. He points out that Owens appears to have great chemistry with everyone he works with in the ring, and his promo work has been on point all year as well.

Owens is one of the top heels in WWE, and he also sells great which is very important as a heel. Taz points out that Owens isn’t a small man, so that makes his ability to work and bump even more impressive. His feuds this year with A.J. Styles and Shane McMahon were very entertaining, and both feuds delivered in the ring.

Taz recalls working for TNA a few years ago and he was heavily recruiting Owens to work for TNA during that time. He’s been a fan of Owens for as long as he can remember, and he wishes he had the opportunity to work with Owens because he thinks they could have done tremendous business together in the ring and on the mic.

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