While appearing on CBS’s In This Corner Podcast, Kurt Angle talked about Jason Jordan’s push on WWE television and revealed that it’s going exactly the way Vince McMahon has planned.

“You know what’s crazy? Everything that the fans have gone through the last three or four months, most of the fans can’t stand him. A lot of the fans are saying, ‘He’s getting the wrong kind of heat because we really don’t like him for real.’

“Everything that has occurred up until now, Vince already knew how they were going to react, so this has been working. We knew, and I knew personally, that this was going to make the fans sick to their stomach [of Jordan]…”

Kurt Angle mentioned that he was never worried about Jordan’s athletic ability, but he confessed to being worried if he could handle the character work.


“I knew what he could do in the ring. I wasn’t concerned about the fans saying, ‘Oh man, this guy is actually pretty damn good.’ We already knew that, and we were hoping that his character was [on the same level]. I didn’t know if he would have the ability to carry the storyline.

“As many fans will say ‘it’s not working’ and ‘get rid of him’ or ‘I’m not buying it,’ now that the storyline has started to span out and developing further, it was a good fit. Jason is doing a great job, and he has carried the storyline very well.”

Steve Carrier

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