Alexa Bliss recently appeared as a guest on the Sam Roberts Wrestling Podcast. Here are some highlights from the interview:

NXT preparing young and/or new talents for the WWE main roster: “NXT prepares you for literally everything for the main roster. They probably over-prepare you. With everything that they have at the [WWE] Performance Center to now NXT touring now, they are doing venues now that are the size of our live events, so they are more than prepared for when they come to the [main] roster and I don’t think it’s that much of a shift now when they come up.

“I feel like it’s harder to perform in front of a smaller crowd sometimes still than it is a larger crowd. I feel more nervous for a Full Sail [University] crowd than I do for SummerSlam because I feel like at Full Sail, you can make eye contact with every single person and that’s really scary! And for me, that’s easier to do the bigger crowds because you feel more of the energy and it’s a lot of fun. In the big crowds, if someone is making a mean comment, you don’t hear it. But at Full Sail, you definitely hear it.”

Being satisfied with the way she was brought to, and established on the WWE main roster:“I’m so glad with the way I came in with the [WWE] Draft because in NXT, I didn’t wrestle very much. That’s not something that people don’t know. I, for the majority of my NXT TV time, was valeting, and being a manager, and being paired with Blake & Murphy. And I was in that group. I was in a group setting, and that’s where I really learned to establish and build the Alexa Bliss character and I’m very grateful for that. I know that I wouldn’t be where I am if it weren’t for [Wesley] Blake and [Buddy] Murphy allowing me to come into their group and learning the character, and evolving it, and they are very, very proud of me and I’m very grateful for that.”


The reason why she doesn’t often use ‘flashy moves’ during her matches: “When I was in NXT, I was still training every day. I was still in the ring every day and working every live event. And just because I wasn’t on shows that were taped for NXT TV, I don’t think people knew what skills I could do. And being a bad guy, I try not to do a lot of flashy moves and a lot of, I guess, good guy skills because that’s not my character and I feel like people take that as, ‘oh, well, she’s not as skilled as Sasha [Banks] or Bayley, Charlotte [Flair], or Becky [Lynch]. But, I take that as a challenge. I’m like, ‘well, I can do all these things. I chose not to because I don’t have to. My character isn’t supposed to be flashy and be over-the-top. I’m supposed to be dirty in the ring. I’m supposed to kick and punch and I’m supposed to cheat and find ways to win at all costs.”

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