It was recently revealed that 13-time champion Randy Orton would be working a lighter schedule next year. According to various podcasts, interviews, and other sources, this was something Orton had been wanting for a long time. He’s done it all in WWE, so it’s not a bad idea to let him rest.

This is obviously a big decision, and there will be many consequences, good and bad. What are the pros and cons of Randy Orton’s altered schedule?


Pro: A Motivated Randy Orton


Remember last year when Randy Orton returned at Battleground? He was so happy back then. You could tell he was excited to be back. He was so enthusiastic and energetic. Fast forward to a year later, and people think Randy’s just going through the motions. He’s known to do that. It’s a known fact that when Orton doesn’t care, everyone will know.

Absence makes the heart grow fonder. After disappearing every now and again, The Viper will miss wrestling. He’ll be excited to be in the ring. And we will be excited to see him.

Many people have been calling Orton “boring”, and while it’s not an unfounded complaint, it is unfortunate. The Apex Preadator is one of the best wrestlers on the roster. He’s just so naturally talented. By allowing himself to refresh, when Orton comes back, he can put in effort instead of coasting on his natural ability.

Con: An Unbalanced Roster

Right now, there are exactly three top heels and three top faces on Smackdown. You have Kevin Owens, Sami Zayn, and Jinder Mahal on one side, while on the other you have AJ Styles, Shinsuke Nakamura, and Randy Orton. If Orton were to disappear, there’d be an imbalance.

Shinsuke Nakamura is sort of damaged, but even if they booked him well to improve his standing, that’s still only two to three. There’s no one else right now who matches Orton in star power. No one is as credible as Orton.

There’s nothing that good booking can’t fix, and this is a problem that can be solved in a relatively short amount of time. That said, WWE needs to address this issue quickly lest a dearth of upper-card faces occurs.

Pro: Someone New Stepping Forward

With Orton not being around as much as he used to, someone is going to have to take his place. If Smackdown spent six whole months turning Jinder Mahal into a main event player, then they can dedicate some good booking to building up a new face. Theoretically, it could be anyone.

Maybe Kofi Kingston finally becomes a main event star. Maybe Rusev turns face and becomes an American hero. Heck, even someone like Tye Dillinger can be built up. It just takes some effort and some good booking. It’s not that hard.

Once the gap left by Orton is filled, WWE will be all the better for it. Success stories like Braun Strowman show that anyone could be a big-time player if they are allowed to.


Con: Less RKOs

This is one of the coolest finishers ever and you know damn well you’re going to miss it.

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