Taz opens today’s show by addressing his future since there are a number of changes coming to The Taz Show in 2018.

Taz informs that beginning in the new year he will be debuting a new show entitled ‘Taz & The Moose” with Marc Malusis, which will be a morning drive sports show airing daily on CBS Sports Radio from 6-9 AM. Taz points out that this is an enormous opportunity for him, and it’s a huge step in his broadcasting career so he couldn’t be happier.

Taz points out that Malusis has been a guest on The Taz Show in the past, and he has a great appreciation of the wrestling business. Malusis is not a narrow-minded sports fan, and that’s something that Taz really respects.


He goes on to say that it’s quite rare for a National broadcast company to take someone with a shortage of sports radio experience and throw them into the fire of a huge morning show like CBS is doing with him. He takes great pride in the fact that he’s one of the first professional wrestlers to make the jump to National sports radio.

Taz informs that this will not be a wrestling show, and their sports coverage might be different than analysis you’ll hear elsewhere. They will have live guests from time to time and listeners can call into the show to discuss topics with Taz and Moose. He points out that there’s a chance that there’ll be a wrestling segment on the show as well, but that’s not confirmed yet.

He’s really confident that this show is going to be a success and that people are going to enjoy this show. He’s usually a very pessimistic person, but everything about this opportunity feels great to him thus far. He hope’s he’s not jinxing himself by thinking so positively about this.

Taz informs that around 2003/2004, he and Michael Cole almost left WWE to co-host a 3-hour Sirius radio show. There was even an offer on the table for them to jump ship but they ended up losing the slot to Scott Ferrall, who now has a show in the same lineup as Taz at CBS Sports Radio, which is a really cool thing for him.

In addition to his new show, Taz informs that The Taz Show will continue as well. He will still host The Taz Show two days a week which will cover professional wrestling and will be one hour in length. The Taz Show was always a daily show for 2-hours a day, but with his other responsibilities he had to cut back the time spent on his own show. Nonetheless, he’s happy to still be able to provide wrestling content for his fans a couple of times each week.

Taz mentions that he might need some assistance from his diehard fans when he begins his new show with Malusis in 2018 because he suspects to receive some jabs from sports fans, criticizing him for his past career in professional wrestling. He knows that his fans will always have his back, regardless of his career choices, and he’s not concerned about having to put his detractors in their place if they try to criticize his career in wrestling.

That sums up today’s episode of The Taz Show. You can listen to the show yourself anytime here, and I’ll catch ya tomorrow for another recap!

Steve Carrier

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