Sasha Banks recently spoke to Times Of India. Here are some highlights from the interview:

Favorite match on main roster: “I would definitely have to say it would be my Wrestlemania match against them (Charlotte and Becky Lynch). Just because of what it meant. We were introducing the Raw Women’s Championship and to find out that we wouldn’t be called Divas anymore and we’re going to be called superstars meant something so special to me. I always dreamt of changing the Divas title to the RAW women’s title because I didn’t want to have the butterfly championship anymore. To change the whole division, what it meant and represents, that is so huge and I remember crying when Triple H and Stephanie told us that we’re going to be superstars now.”

If it was a ‘deja vu’ moment for her when Paige returned to WWE: “You could say that because there were three of them. But before that, Paige was with Charlotte and Becky and I was with Team Bad so it felt more like someone was trying to steal my spotlight again. Because Paige was gone for a whole year while I was here breaking down doors, creating history. But welcome back, Paige.”

Meeting Kavita Devi: “I just met her today and she was so sweet and incredible. It’s so amazing to see women all over the world and making it to the WWE and especially for her it’s huge because she’s the first ever Indian woman to sign. We got a little taste of her during the Mae Young Classic but you know, it’s going to be a long journey for her. I’m sure she’s going to inspire a lot of young women and show Indian fans that if you have a dream, you can accomplish anything. So I look forward to her journey and Best of Luck to her.”

Matches with Charlotte Flair: “There have been so many. We’ve gone at each other since our NXT days. It’s been non-stop and we’ve had this rivalry that just no one really can touch. From the Hell in a Cell match to multiple main-events on Monday Night Raw to a Falls Count Anywhere match, it were all was so crazy. I really got my revenge on her with that Kendo Stick. It felt so good. That’s for all those chops, Charlotte. And then I went on to win my second championship. So yes, it was one of my best matches.”

Steve Carrier

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