Ryback is joined on today’s show by his co-host, Phoenix Marie.

Ryback talks about his relationship with Curtis Axel. He says that Axel is a great guy who he had a great time working with. He adds that tagging with Curtis Axel was the most fun he ever had in his wrestling career, even though he considered that to be his ‘punishment period’ in WWE.

After spending a long period of time in the main event picture, Ryback was teamed with Curtis Axel and they’d rarely even have an entrance when they were wrestling on television. He points out that not getting an entrance for your match is a terrible feeling and he asked McMahon if he was being punished but McMahon answered, “I don’t believe in punishment, pal”. In spite of this, Ryback still thinks he was being punished for something at that time.

Ryback mentions that a former professional wrestler who he knew from working on the independent scene unfortunately committed suicide recently. This wrestler was known for taking unnecessary risks and being reckless with his body in the ring, and in spite of everyone’s warnings, he continued to take those risks until one night he took a bad bump and broke his neck.

Ryback assumes that breaking his neck played a huge part in this man committing suicide, and he urges all the wrestlers out there to stop taking unnecessary risks in the ring. He knows that wrestlers can do far less dangerous things in the ring and still garner a reaction from the live audiences, and he hopes that all the indie wrestlers start to understand that sooner rather than later.

Sheamus missed last week’s episode of Monday Night RAW due to Spinal Stenosis, even though WWE covered it up on the broadcast by saying he was on a trip to Ireland. This disease ended the careers of Edge and Steve Austin, and Ryback points out that this is not good news. He says that everyone on WWE’s roster  is constantly beat up due to WWE’s unrelenting schedule, and Sheamus has been a full-time performer for a decade now so maybe it’s time for him to take some time off.

Marie points out that Sheamus fought Seth Rollins on RAW this week and Ryback isn’t surprised by this. He mentions that he was dealing with some nerve issues during his time in WWE, and he was taking shots to numb the pain just so he could work night after night. Nobody wants to look weak in WWE and people do whatever they can to work, even if that jeopardizes their long-term health.

Speaking about the rumours that Daniel Bryan may be returning to the ring in the near future, Ryback mentions that WWE is in a very tricky situation here. He wants the best for Bryan because he thinks Bryan is a great guy, and he knows Bryan’s not happy right now not being able to wrestle. Ryback points out that Bryan is a wrestler and he’s going to wrestle again soon no matter what; whether that happens in WWE or not is an entirely different conversation.

Ryback feels that Daniel Bryan should stay in WWE if he can, but if he has to go elsewhere that’s what he’ll do. He also thinks that if it’s at all possible WWE will want him to stay and wrestle for them, where they can monitor his situation closely.

Rumours were circulating this past week that Ronda Rousey is very close to signing a deal with WWE. Ryback assumes that WWE is going to rush Rousey in order to get her on television as soon as possible so they can maximize their return on investment, but he thinks she needs more time to learn the business properly.

He points out that executing the moves is not the hard part; it’s the movement and how to work with your opponent that’s most difficult. Wrestling is a give-and-take between two people and that takes a lot of time to perfect. He admits that since professional wrestling is fake, WWE can put her in positions to protect her for a long time if need be.

That sums up this week’s episode of Conversation with the Big Guy. You can listen to the show yourself anytime here, and I’ll catch ya next week for another recap.

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