WWE has really dropped the ball with their release of WWE 2K18 on the Nintendo Switch console. Not only did they wait for a last minute announcement on the release date but the game’s performance reviews are very negative. Did we forget to mention that if you pre-ordered the game at stores like Gamestop, that you can’t even get your copy yet? That’s right. It’s only available for digital download off the EStore in Nintendo. 2K Games failed to mention that part when they made the announcement on Monday, so individuals like myself are unable to get a copy of the game until they decide to release it, which hasn’t officially been announced either.

Anyways, back to the performance review. Michael Does Life sent the following to NoDq.com about the digital copy he download and mentioned that the game is not working well in the handheld mode. He also urges people to not buy the game for The Switch because of the poor frame rate which makes the game hard to play.

“WWE 2K18 is finally out on the Nintendo Switch, and it’s NOT looking good. The game, especially in handheld mode, is basically unplayable due to its abysmal frame rate. I don’t think you should buy WWE 2K18 on the Nintendo Switch.”

Embedded below are a couple of clips that supports Michael’s statement about the poor frame rate and displays why people shouldn’t buy the game:


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