Bret Hart has a filed a lawsuit against plastic surgeon Dr. Justin Yeung who performed a surgery on his wrist on back on November  23rd, 2015, according to a report from The Calgary Sun. Hart apparently injured his wrist back in in 1981 and had worked most of his career with the injury, after which he decided to go in for surgery two years ago.

Three weeks after the surgery, Hart experienced swelling and pain in the region and returned to Yeung. He was unable to move his right index finger and thumb, to which the doctor told him to wait and see how he healed, but Hart continued experiencing problems with his wrist throughout 2016.

The $1 million lawsuit claims that Yeung and his surgery team were unable to provide proper medical health care to Hart. Hart cannot dress himself properly without assistance, and that he is unable to use his right hand to pick up everyday objects.

Hart underwent another surgery last October in Vancouver, the outcome of which is yet to be seen.


You can read the report on The Calgary Sun here.

Steve Carrier

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