Triple H recently spoke with ESPN. Here are some highlights from the interview:

Facing Jinder Mahal in India this week and how the crowd will react to him: “I don’t know. I’m a lot better at being the villain. It would be interesting to see when we get there. I’ve been cheered and I’ve been booed. If the fans want to support me because they have been watching me for the last 20-plus years, that’s great.”

Jinder Mahal having to prove himself before his hometown crowd: “You could get some support because of nationalism. But once you are in the WWE, you become a global icon. When I was in India, a lot of people asked about him (Mahal) and what I thought about him. Did I respect him? A lot of people have mixed feelings about Jinder Mahal as a representative. In some ways he represents India, but a lot of people don’t like the way he represents himself as a WWE superstar.

The question was asked so many times that I thought what better way to prove what I thought than stepping into the ring with him. If Jinder wants to prove it to the fans in India, there could be no better way than by doing it against me there.”


Helping young talent get over: “When I do something in the office, there aren’t 10,000 people screaming and cheering. But I still get a lot of excitement watching others do it. When I’m working with these kids who are just starting at NXT and watching them go over and perform to a level they never thought they could, it is a completely different adrenaline rush.”

Why he continues to wrestle: “It’s still fun for me. It’s still something I enjoy. And it’s something that I will always enjoy. It’s fun to get out there and remember why you enjoy this in the first place. I can’t wait for the roar.”

Steve Carrier

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