Reason Finn Balor Should Move to SmackDown


Everyone’s favorite Demon King isn’t doing a whole lot on Raw right now. After an amazing performance against AJ Styles at TLC, Finn Balor was chokeslammed into oblivion by the real Demon, the Demon Kane. Prior to that, he was stuck in a seemingly endless feud against Bray Wyatt, and it did nothing for either man  (except maybe reveal that Finn should not wear gray trunks). Just last Survivor Series, he was cannon fodder for Team Smackdown. Yowch.

Let’s face it, Balor’s not doing much. He could use a change in scenery. He could move to Smackdown.


Raw Doesn’t Need Him

At times, it seems like Raw is really just hogging all the big names. Sure, Smackdown has AJ Styles and Randy Orton, but Raw has all three members of the Shield, Samoa Joe, Brock Lesnar, Braun Strowman, and Finn Balor. To put things into perspective, Balor is billed at 5 ft 11. The average height of the rest of the name on there (excluding Finn) is around 6 ft 3. It seems almost everybody else literally stands head and shoulders above him. He is going to get lost in the land of giants.

Strowman just seemingly turned face and is unleashing all hell on anybody who dares to trifle with him. WWE clearly sees potential in him, so he’s at the forefront of Raw almost every Monday night. The Shield are WWE’s golden boys, so they get their fair share of time as well. Those guys are pretty much untouchable right now, so it’s Balor who is led to the slaughter most of the time, be it against Kane, Samoa Joe, or even Elias.

It almost seems that The Extraordinary Man Who Can Do Extraordinary Things ™ is expendable. This would be sort of okay if he was a midcarder who puts on competitive showings against top talents but ultimately loses. That’s not who Finn is. He’s the inaugural Universal Champion.

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