Conversation With the Big Guy Recap – Working With Rob Van Dam, Working the Indies Vs. WWE, What Move Does He Regret Performing? More!

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Ryback opens today’s show speaking about his ongoing health issues. He intends to have one more stem cell procedure because they have worked very well for him in the past, but he really wishes he would have avoided one move during his in-ring career. He says that the ‘Backpack Stunner’ move that he performed throughout his career is basically single-handidly responsible for the issues he has with his back and neck now.

He was utilizing that move as his finisher in WWE developmental and then he continued to utilize it during his main roster run, performing it basically every night of the week. William Regal advised him to stop using the move at that time but he was young and stubborn, and he failed to listen to Regal.

Ryback says that ‘ass bumps’ are the worst types of bumps that a performer can take, and everyone who has a finishing move that requires sitting down eventually has back issues. He points out that Steve Austin has issues from his stunner, and Hulk Hogan has terrible back issues resulting from his leg drop. He warns Ember Moon that if she doesn’t stop using the top rope stunner, she’s going to be crippled.

Ryback talks about his experience working with Rob Van Dam. He says he loved working with Van Dam because he grew up watching him, and that made their matches special. However, Van Dam kicks hard as hell and if you didn’t get your hands up you were going to take some stiff shots. There was actually one night on RAW when Van Dam kicked him so hard that it stunned him, resulting in him falling into the ropes. He actually yelled out ‘Fuck!’ on live television because he got rocked so badly by that kick.

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