While appearing at World Series Wrestling’s International Assault in Brisbane over the weekend, there was an incident with former WWE Superstar Austin Aries following his tag match with Sean Waltman.

After there match, Aries got on the mic and praised Waltman but not long after, Aries decided to rip into the promotion for having a wrestling ring that wasn’t suitable for talents to be working in.

“But there’s one more thing,” Aries said. “I’m known for being kind off an asshole, and I’m known for speaking the truth, and here’s the truth of the fact! You’ve got some talented men and women back there out here busting their ass! The stage that we bust our ass in is this wrestling ring, and quite frankly this wrestling ring is a f-cking disgrace!”

Aries tossed the mic to the mat and stormed off to the back. Waltman got on the mic immediately after and explained that the ring hurt Aries more than their opponents did, which is  “why he’s pretty pissed off.” Waltman by saying, “if you’re not down with Austin Aries and X-Pac, we’ve got two words for ya!”


You can check out the incident embedded below:

Steve Carrier

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