Austin Aries Tries to Get Fans Kicked Out of Qantas for Asking for a Photo


An individual took to Facebook to call out Austin Aries for being abusive when he and his friends attempted ask him for a photo recently.

According to fan who goes by Cameron, he and his friends spotted Aries at an airport and approached him to try to get a photo with him. Things quickly got ugly with Aries as Cameron said he was abusive to them when they approached him. Cameron would then revealed that Aries would tried to get them kicked out of Qantas but the staff wouldn’t oblige with Aries’ demands.

Aries took to Twitter to respond to the allegations from the fan and basically said that if they want photos they should go to the show and pay for them like everyone else.

“Last night 100’s of fans at @WSWWrestlingAUS show waited patiently, supporting their fav wrestlers, by buying shirts/pics/autographs. Today, 3 adults at said show, who bought 0 from anyone, stalked at the airport wanting free pics. It’s rude and unfair to all the REAL fans. It’s not about $, I gave free pics and autographs to some fans AT @WSWWrestlingAUS show. Act entitled though, you’ll hear me speak #TheTruth”

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