The Taz Show Recap – Greg Hamilton Loses His Gimmick, More NXT Women Invade WWE, Bludgeon Brothers Debut, More!

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Block 1:

Taz opens today’s show by speaking about last night’s episode of Smackdown Live.

He points out that Smackdown live announcer, Greg Hamilton has stopped pausing for the audience to repeat ‘One Fall’ during his ring announcements. Taz says that as commentators and announcers, your main goal is to get the wrestlers over because they’re the stars. For this reason, it didn’t surprise Taz that Vince McMahon and WWE finally shut down Hamilton’s gimmick.

Taz says that the fans are attending WWE shows to have a good time, and they mightn’t understand why WWE would shut down something like this. He points out that once the audience starts focusing on ring announcers, that takes away from the talent who WWE are actually investing money in. For this reason, they don’t want any type of focus on announcers.

He points out that WWE is a very structured business, and working in ECW was the complete opposite of this. If an ECW performer came up with a cool idea and it started to catch on with fans, Paul Heyman would just ride with it and see how it plays out. In WWE, things don’t always work that way because if you come up with a cool idea it still mightn’t be what WWE Officials have in mind for you, so they might shut it down anyways.

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