WWE SmackDown Live Results – November 21 2017


Welcome to SmackDown Live, a mere 48 hours removed from an historic Survivor Series event!

SmackDown Live lost to Monday Night Raw at Survivor Series. Granted, it came down to the wire and perhaps if Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens hadn’t interfered, SmackDown would have stood a chance. However Braun Strowman simply proved too dominant a force in the match and SmackDown did not have a counter to the monster among men. Tonight is a new start however, and Shane McMahon will have a lot to talk about on SD Live, particularly about being attacked by Zayn and Owens. Why they attacked Shane, beyond pettiness about not being in the team, is anyone’s guess but Stephanie McMahon did seem to make them an offer to come to Raw, so we will see what Shane has to say tonight.

The WWE Champion, AJ Styles, had a gruelling match against Brock Lesnar on Sunday night, and even though he came up short, Styles can still hold his head high. Two nights later however, Styles is right back in the fire as Jinder Mahal seeks a rematch for the title he lost two weeks back. The match is likely to occur at Clash of Champions but don’t be surprised to see the flames be stoked tonight.

It wasn’t all doom and gloom for SmackDown at Survivor Series though, Charlotte defeated Raw’s Champion Alexa Bliss to prove her dominance, and The Uso’s locked Sheamus & Cesaro in the Uso Penitentiary along with every other tag team. However, who does the dominant Tag Team Champion’s face now? Are Benjamin and Gable still in the running? Or will Breezango finally step-up? As for Charlotte, it seems inevitable that she will continue her feud with Natalya, which will probably kick-start on tonight’s show following an attack from the Queen of Hearts.

That’s the preview for tonight’s show. Let us know what you’re excited to see and remember to download the Ringside Talk app! Enjoy the show!

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