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Enzo Amore is still the WWE Cruiserweight Champion, after defeating Kalisto for a final time on the Survivor Series Kick-Off Show. With that win, Enzo has finally put to bed the feud with Kalisto, something we’ll all be pretty happy about, and now he moves on to a new challenger. Who will step-up though? Cedric Alexander? Rich Swann? Mustafa Ali? It seems likely to be one of these guys, unless of course we get a surprise return.

Drew Gulak and Akira Tozawa will do battle tonight to put a nail in their feud. For weeks Gulak has been boring the WWE Universe with his presentation slides and his new determination to stop all chanting. Well, naturally this got under the skin of Akira Tozawa, whose main method of communication is a chant. The two have traded barbs and blows as of late and tonight things shall be settled in a Street Fight.

That’s it for tonight’s 205 Live preview, the show begins right after SmackDown Live and remember to download the Ringside News app. Enjoy the show!


205 Live opens with a shot of a Thanksgiving feast on a table, with Enzo Amore, Mustafa Ali, Noam Dar and Tony Nese standing around. Enzo starts a prayer and Noam tries to eat some food, so Enzo slaps his hand. He says he’s a G, and because of the Zo Train, he’s now 5G and they’re well connected. He got them all matches for tonight’s show. Enzo says last night’s loss was not a good look for them, and when you’re on the Zo Train you’re expected to represent the Enzo brand. He says if they make him look good tonight he will give them a Cruiserweight Championship opportunity. Enzo pauses and asks where Drew Gulak is and they say he’s working on a new presentation. In walks the Gobbledy-Gooker, which turns out to be Drew Gulak, who says he’s trying to lighten up. Enzo looks baffled.

We go live to the arena in Houston and the announcers welcome us to the show. Later tonight, Tony Nese will face Mustafa Ali. Also, Rich Swann and Cedric Alexander will take-on Ariya Daivari and Noam Dar. Up next though, it’s Street Fight time!

Street Fight
Drew Gulak Vs. Akira Tozawa

The match begins and Gulak goes right to work on Tozawa’s arm. Tozawa responds with some stiff kicks and chops, fakes a chop and throws a straight punch to the face. Tozawa hits a hurricanrana, a boot to the face, and looks for a suicide dive but Gulak catches him and hits a suplex on the ramp!

Gulak continues to work over his opponent on the outside, throws him in the ring, jabs him with the “No Chants” sign, pin, two. Gulak tosses a few chairs into the ring. sets on up in the middle of the ring. He sits Tozawa on it, then slaps him, goes for a pin, and he kicks out. Gulak sets his sign up in the corner, Gulak tries o put him through it, but Tozawa fights it off.

Gulak ends up getting a back drop driver through his own sign in the corner! Tozawa heads out and grabs a table from under the ring. Gulak cuts him off at the pass, suplex in the corner, pin, two. Gulak sets the table up but the action spills to the outside. Tozawa tosses Gulak over the announce table, then launches himself off with a cannonball senton onto Gulak.

Tozawa grabs a kendo stick and a garbage can from under the ring. Can goes over Gulak’s head and he starts swinging away with the kendo stick. Gulak gets put up on the table, still stuck in the garbage can. Tozawa takes to the top rope and hits a huge senton splash through the table and the garbage can for the win!

Winner: Akira Tozawa

Big news!! Hideo Itami is coming to 205 Live soon!

Backstage, Enzo is with Nese, Daviari, Dar again. In comes Cedric Alexander, Rich Swann, Mustafa Ali who make fun of the other group. Swann wonders what kind of guys Enzo is keeping company and says they will just embarrass him again.

Tony Nese Vs. Mustafa Ali

Nese does some posing before the action gets started. Both and forth strikes until Nese finally gets his opponent grounded. Ali using his speed to send Nese to the outside. He heads up to the top rope and hits a cannonball senton to the outside to perfection! Nese attempts to leave through the crowd but Ali stops him and they brawl. Ali jumps up on the barricade, but gets dropped on it by Nese. Nese puts him on his shoulders and drops Ali face-first on the announce table.

Action back in the ring, Ali in the corner, dodges a charging Nese. Ali hits a couple running chops, another dodge in the corner, Ali rolls into the ring and hits a facebuster, pin, two. Ali with a clothesline, Nese ducks it. Ali hops to the second rope and hits a springboard Tornado DDT for a near-fall. What a move.

Nese takes to the apron, where he lays. Ali tries to pull him back into the ring but Nese grabs him through the ropes and throws Ali’s head into the ring post. Nese gets back into the ring and, with Ali in the corner, he hits a running knee for the win!

Winner: Tony Nese

We see Enzo backstage with Dar and Daivari. He says Nese just showed exactly how you’re supposed to represent the Zo Train. His two lackeys say they will do the same to their opponents, and Enzo is happy. He refers to Drew Gulak as a loser and points to the corner, where Drew is back dressed as the Gobbledy-Gooker. Gulak takes the mask off and asks if he can leave time-out, but Enzo says no, he has to think about what he done. Enzo, Dar and Daivari leave.

We get a commercial for WrestleMania 2018 in New Orleans.

Cedric Alexander & Rich Swann Vs. Noam Dar & Ariya Daivari

Alexander and Daivari start things off with Daivari showing off his power. Alexander retaliates with some impressive reversals and then a headscissors. Both men make tags as Enzo is berated by the crowd at ringside. Dar in the ring with Swann, Alexander with a blind tag, springboards in and drops Dar. Goes for the lumbar check, but Dar counter and lands a big kick for a two count.

Daivari and Dar able to cut the ring in half and keep Alexander down, Dar knocks Swann off the apron. Alexander looks to tag out, but nobody home, Dar goes for a pin, two. Alexander really getting beat up now by Daivari and needs to tag out. Alexander able to fight off both opponents and finally tag out. Swann on fire with a bunch of strikes, catches Daivari on the top rope, hits a nice hurricanrana.

Swann heads up to the top, but Enzo crotches him. Daivari goes up top, hits a frog splash, pin, two. Enzo starts yelling at Daivari that he can’t get the job done, so get Dar in. Swann surprises Dar with a pin, two, kick to the head. Enzo distracts the ref. Alexander pulls Enzo off the apron and goes to beat him up, but Dar baseball slides him away. Swann then knocks out Dar with a kick and hits a beautiful phoenix splash for the win.

Winners: Rich Swann & Cedric Alexander

After the match, Enzo immediately jumps in the ring and starts beating on Swann and Alexander. His group continues the beat down. Ali and Tozawa run down for the save, but Gulak and Nese show up and put that save to a halt. Enzo’s stable stands tall as they crush the other group. Enzo hits a big splash off the top rope onto both Swann and Alexander. Enzo then gets on the mic, and asks Swann and Alexander, “How you doin’?”

That’s it for 205 Live this week. What did you think of the show? Let us know in the comments or on the Ringside Talk app and I will see you back here next week for Monday Night Raw! Safe travels!

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