Vince Russo’s The Brand Recap – Survivor Series Analysis, Owens & Zayn’s Backstage Heat, Kurt Angle Looking ‘Stiff’, More!

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On today’s show former ECW, WCW and WWE Superstar, Big Vito and Jeff Lane will discuss Survivor Series.

Vito points out that WWE brought Kalisto into 205 Live to get good, entertaining matches out of Enzo Amore. Unfortunately, that hasn’t happened and the experiment has failed big time. He says that Kalisto has definitely taken himself out the Title picture for an extended period of time.

He says that Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn definitely did something to piss people off because they went from the main event picture to being placed into the ‘Ha Ha spot’ with Breezango at Survivor Series. He thought this was a terrible match, and these two kickoff show matches really started the show on a poor note.

Lane points out that NXT: War Games didn’t sell out, and the crowd arrived late for Survivor Series. He wonders if four nights of wrestling in a row is becoming too much for fans. Vito says that NXT lost a lot of big stars recently before they had the proper people ready to replace them. He suggests that maybe WWE should consider rotating a few talents back and forth from NXT and the main roster.

Vito thought Survivor Series’ 5-man booth had way too many voices. He also thought that Shawn Michaels had a poor showing on the kickoff panel. He says that he has no heat with Michaels but he made no sense whatsoever on that panel, and the other panel members had to bail him out on several occasions. He points out that when you’re not cutting promos on a consistent basis there’s going to be some rust.

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