The Taz Show Recap – James Ellsworth’s Release, Ranallo’s Big Error, War Games & Survivor Series Preview, More!

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Block 1:

Taz opens today’s show speaking about WWE’s release of James Ellsworth. He says that nobody expected Ellsworth to make it to WWE, not to mention the fact that he picked up a win over A.J. Styles and had a great, extended run. Taz says it sucks that WWE released him because you never want to see someone lose their job, but Ellsworth appears to be a very smart guy and he’ll do great on the indie scene.

Taz points out that Mauro Ranallo made a huge error during his commentary on last night’s go-home episode of NXT. At one point he promoted NXT Takeover: War Games which will air this Saturday night, but when he promoted it he said it will air ‘A week from Saturday’. Since NXT’s shows are taped together weeks in advance, the dates for each show can become confusing for commentators, but there’s no way that this slip up should have made it to air last night.

He points out that this may not have even been Ranallo’s fault. He may have been incorrectly told that date was correct prior to the tapings, and since NXT is taped weeks in advance, some parts of the show that aired last night may have originally been intended to be a part of last week’s show. This would have made Ranallo’s comment factual.

In either event, this comment should have been edited in post production prior to last night’s show airing. This type of error should never make air on WWE’s programming, especially from a company that prides itself with perfection.

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