Russo says he’s going to discuss how he had to hold someone accountable on Twitter this past week. He says he covers wrestling because wrestling is his job, but he feels that he has a responsibility to talk to people about the hardships in life from time to time, and to assure people that God will be there for them. He says that some people have recently called him out for becoming very religious all of a sudden, but he points out that he’s been a Christian for 14 years so this is nothing new.

He says that there was an exchange of tweets over this past weekend between Chris Jericho and Ryan Satin of ProWrestlingSheet. In an attempt to promote his upcoming cruise, Jericho joked on Twitter that there are going to be a lot of sexy women in bikinis on the cruise.

Russo says he had no issue with this whatsoever, because he has no issue with promoting the beauty of the human body, either male or female. However, Satin apparently had a big issue with this because he tweeted back at Jericho, sarcastically saying that he’s sure Jericho’s female fans will be happy with being objectified like that.


Russo says he doesn’t understand why Satin is on such a high horse, attempting to play social justice warrior from behind his laptop in his apartment building. Jericho’s initial remark was a funny, entertaining way to promote the cruise and Russo saw nothing wrong with it.

Jericho replied to Satin saying everything that Russo suspected he would say, but that still didn’t stop some of Satin’s followers from jumping on his judgement train. Jericho completely dispelled any notion that he was objectifying his female fans, saying that they know exactly how much respect he has for them. It was clear that Jericho wasn’t happy with Satin’s remarks, as he immediately blocked him on Twitter.

One of Russo’s fans then sent him a screenshot of one of Satin’s tweets from a few years ago, in which Satin appeared to be objectifying women as well. Satin said it was a joke from several years ago and then said he felt sorry for Russo’s daughter. Russo didn’t appreciate that, but what bothered him the most is the fact that Satin wouldn’t admit his error.

He says that everyone says stupid things from time to time. We’re all sinners and that means we’re all going to sin on occasion. When someone calls you out and you were clearly in the wrong you have two options. You can man up to it and admit your mistakes, or you can back away from the responsibility and dig yourself into a deeper hole.

Russo thought it was necessary to hold Satin accountable in this instance, because he didn’t like that Satin was accusing Jericho of something when he was clearly guilty of the same acts at some point in his life. Russo adds that a Christian fan of his sent him a message, saying it wasn’t very Christian of him to be judging Satin like this, and he should just let it go and not talk about it anymore.

Russo admits that this message made him think about what he was doing because he’s said some things in the past that he regretted. He’s been called out by his friends for going overboard on these shows, name calling and judging people when there wasn’t really any need for it. For this reason, he likes when his friends and family hold him accountable for the things he says and does.

In the end, he’s an entertainer and he likes to make people laugh. His goal on each of these shows is to entertain his fans, and he holds no personal vendetta against any of WWE’s wrestlers or the dirt sheet writers. He knows that a lot of people within the walls of the wrestling bubble hate him, partly because of his wrestling philosophies, partly due to a number of other reasons.

He thinks that’s unfortunate but it’s not going to change his mindset. He’s going to continue entertaining his fans while calling out all the nonsense that’s being said and done by others.

That sums up today’s episode of Vince Russo’s The Brand. You can listen to the show yourself anytime here, and I’ll catch ya tomorrow for another recap!

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