The Taz Show Recap – It’s All About The Game, Paul Heyman’s Promo, RAW to Attack SD Live Tonight! More!

Block 3:

Taz thought Paul Heyman’s promo last night was very well done, but he wishes that Heyman would have at least acknowledged Jinder Mahal. He loved that Heyman went off script and ridiculed the guy who proposed to his girlfriend in the middle of his promo, and Taz points out that this is a rarity in the business today.

Taz recalls a lot of Superstars ad-libbing during their promos back in the day, but Superstars simply aren’t allowed to do this type of thing today. Heyman has earned Vince McMahon’s respect and he can get away with this type of thing, but basically anyone else would have had to answer to McMahon for this. Taz thinks Kevin Owen could easily ad-lib like this and create entertaining moments, but it’s simply not permitted.

Taz welcomes Mike Johnson from PWInsider to the show.

Johnson informs that RAW will retaliate to Smackdown Live’s initial siege by storming the arena during Smackdown Live tonight. He says that there are roughly 15 RAW Superstars present backstage at the show, and this will lead to those Superstars attacking the Smackdown Live roster on the show tonight. Johnson informs that some of the RAW Superstars backstage are Sheamus, Cesaro, Bayley, Sasha Banks as well as The Shield.