The Taz Show Recap – It’s All About The Game, Paul Heyman’s Promo, RAW to Attack SD Live Tonight! More!

Block 2:

He continues by saying that both Kurt Angle and Jason Jordan were made to look like fools last night and several other talents such as Bray Wyatt were passed over, all in order to make Triple H look good. Sure, Triple H got a great pop, but WWE always sets Triple H up to get great pops by keeping him off of regular television and then brining him back in prominent positions such as the one he was placed in last night.

When a huge talent from the past like Triple H steps in the ring he sucks up all the spotlight, and if he’s in a match with nine other performers he’s going to outshine all of them, whether that’s WWE’s goal or not. At Survivor Series, it’s going to be all about The Game and it doesn’t matter who has to take the beating on the other side of the coin, whether it be Bobby Roode, Nakamura, or anyone else.

A listener calls into the show and asks Taz if he’d prefer to see Kurt Angle versus Triple H at Royal Rumble instead of WrestleMania. Taz says he’d have no problem with those two wrestling at the Rumble, because Triple H versus Shane McMahon would be a much bigger match for WrestleMania. Taz thinks the family dynamic in a Triple H/Shane McMahon storyline would make for some very entertaining television.