Five Potential Twists We Could See At Survivor Series


The last month has been a crazy time to be a fan of the WWE. First, there was an illness striking down key players like Roman Reigns, forcing Kurt Angle to return to the ring at TLC, and now, AJ styles has just defeated Jinder Mahal on an episode of Smackdown to become the new WWE champion.

Styles’ unlikely victory and The Bar picking up the tag team titles from Ambrose and Rollins on Monday night has given Survivor Series a little makeover this week, and with Natalya facing Charlotte on next week’s Smackdown, don’t be surprised to see another change just yet.

Survivor Series is now shaping up to be one hell of a card, and with the WWE in full-blown surprise mode at the moment, anything is possible a week on Sunday. The show is famous for its twists and turns and the inter-brand warfare angle allows them plenty of opportunities to set up future matches and angles, especially with Wrestlemania season on the horizon.

So what twists ight this year’s Survivor Series have in store for us? Let’s take a look at five potential twists we could see next Sunday night.

Carmella cashes in, on Alexa Bliss 

Carmella has been teasing her Money in the Bank cash-in for months now and every pay-per-view that roles around creates speculation as to how and when she is going to do it. The logical assumption has always been that she is going to cash it on the Smackdown Woman’s Champion, whoever that happens to be, but it has not been made clear as to whether or not she can cash it on just the blue brand’s champion, or either of the women’s champs.

Survivor Series will see the two brand’s champions clash, and while the Smackdown side of things could see either Natalya or Charlotte as champ, Raw’s is definitely going to be Bliss.

Having Carmella cash in on Bliss would be a huge surprise, but if the opportunity were to present itself, then from a kayfabe point of view, she would be stupid not to take it.

She has also just presumably, severed her ties with James Ellsworth, which would free her up to join Monday nights and potentially join up with her real-life partner, Big Cass, who should be set to return from injury very soon. Having Carmella use Cass as protection would be a great gimmick for her, and would also present a strong challenge for Asuka, who is inevitably going to be winning the title in the very near future. Doing this at the start of the night would really establish a sense of ‘anything can happen tonight’ for the pay-per-view as well.

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