Real Reason Emma Was Released from WWE


It was reported earlier this week via Sports Illustrated that Emma was released from her contract with WWE because of issues with the writing team and tweets she sent out on Twitter.

“Emma created just enough enemies on the writing staff, which she exacerbated from the way she voiced her opinion on Twitter”, reported Justin Barrasso. “The doors remain open for a return, but her exit from the company is viewed by some as addition by subtraction in the locker room.

In an updated on her release, former WWE writer James McKenna appeared on The Sheets Podcast and mentioned that the failed repackaging as Emmalina had a huge part of her release from the company. McKenna also pointed out that Emma would often shoot down ideas that were presented to her and this became a problem for the creative team.

McKenna said that Vince McMahon was behind the individual behind the Emmalina character and it was basically the last straw when the debut of the gimmick was a failure. Emma apparently didn’t like the new character, which gave McMahon a bad impression on her. The gimmick ended up being scrapped immediately. This ultimately hurt Emma’s stand in the company in the eyes of McMahon.

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