WWE Hall of Famer Hulk Hogan and his former Tag Team Partner Brutus Beefcake have engaged in a war on Twitter after Beefcake responded to a follower on Twitter and said he is upset with Hogan for spending time with his ex-wife.


Beefcake then mentioned that he is releasing a tell all book that will reveal information about Hogan, which Hogan responded saying he was going to sue:

Beefcake responded to Hogan’s threat by saying he’s paranoid:

Hogan sub-tweeted Beefcake before saying he’s done with the argument:

Beefcake responded by revealing a screenshot of an email from his ex-wife saying she was with Hogan and he badmouthed Beefcake.

Hogan then ended his silence and addressed the situation:

Beefcake posted a screenshot of a message he received from his ex-wife saying Hogan was spending time with her.

Beefcake reaffirmed that his wife turned Hogan down when he made a pass at her, and that’s why he hates her.

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