Welcome to the fastest hour on television, 205 Live!

You’re in for a frightfully good night as the cruiserweight’s will battle in a Fatal 4-Way. On top of that, Cedric Alexander continues his mental battle with Brian Kendrick and Jack Gallagher. Enjoy the show!

205 Live opens with a recap of the feud between Drew Gulak and Akira Tozawa.


Vic Joseph and Nigel McGuinness welcome us to tonight’s show, Cedric Alexander has to make a decision whether to join Jack Gallagher and The Brian Kendrick or not. pLUS Swann vs. Kendrick in one-on-one action, and a No DQ Fatal 4-Way between Mustafa Ali, Gran Metalik, Tony Nese, and Ariya Daviari.

Before things get going, Gulak on the mic. “Where my ghouls at?!” Gulak says he’s going to put an end to Tozawa’s chants and wants to make Halloween even better through his Power Point presentation! First slide (of 47), “No Candy,” he’s wants kids teeth to be stronger. Moving to slide number two, “No Trick or Treating,” because it’s like chanting and there’s nothing worse than chanting. As he goes to number three, out comes Akira Tozawa.

Drew Gulak Vs. Akira Tozawa

Tozawa with a big kick to start things off and we’re right in to some mat wrestling. Tozawa with a kick to a grounded Gulak, standing senton, followed up by a number of stomps in the corner. Gulak bails to the outside, Tozawa goes for a dive, but Gulak moves away from his opponent, taking some time to recover.

Back in the ring, Gulak is able to gain control of the match, doing work in the corners with elbows, running splash, pin, two-count. Tozawa finally uses his speed to get away from Gulak, nice suplex by Tozawa as he heads up to the top. Gulak bails to the outside again, this time Tozawa nails him with a suicide dive, tosses him back into the ring, pin, two. Tozawa continues the momentum, drop Gulak near the corner, heads up top again, this time he hits the senton splash and seals the win!

Winner: Akira Tozawa

We get highlights of last week’s segment with Kendrick and Gallagher trying to get Alexander to drop the “dead weight, dancing clown” Rich Swann. Backstage, Alexander talks with Swann saying he can’t believe Kendrick and Gallagher thought he would just turn on Swann, because they said to. Alexander then gives Swann a clown nose and says if they want a “clown,” let’s give it to them.

Next we get a pretty strange promo from Mustafa Ali, who talks about getting Halloween candy from bad neighbourhoods.

We get a recap from last night’s Raw with Drew Gulak and Enzo Amore dropping Kalisto.

Doink’s entrance music hits as Alexander and Swann both come out as clowns. Swann has giant gloves on as Kendrick tries to do a test of strength, but Swann ends up turning it into a dance. Kendrick charges in and Swann drops him to the mat and mocks Kendrick. Kendrick tries to get Swann to be serious, but it’s not working as he gets a giant thumb to the eye.

The Brian Kendrick W/Jack Gallagher Vs. Rich Swann W/Cedric Alexander

The match begins and Swann finally ditches the hair and gloves. Brian Kendrick opens with big elbows in the corner. Kendrick gets dumped to the outside, Gallagher looks to swing his umbrella at him, Kendrick with a baseball slide on the distracted Swann. Release german suplex, pin, two-count on Swann.

Swann gets thrown chest-first into the corner, pin, two. Swann recovers and catches Kendrick sitting on the top rope, slick hurricanrana followed up with a kick to the face while Kendrick was trying to get up. Yet another pin attempt, two. Crowd is trying to stay with this one, but they’re pretty quiet. Kendrick goes for Captain’s Hook, but Swann was under the bottom rope to break the hold, Kendrick holds it in for a bit long. Swann and Kendrick on the second rope, butterfly superplex by Kendrick for a near-fall.

Another attempt at captain’s hook, Swann counter, and nails a superkick that sends Kendrick to the outside. Swann with a huge dive to the outside, tosses Kendrick back in. Swann goes up to, Gallagher with a slight distraction, Alexander yanks him down. Swann gets pulled down, hits his head on the top turnbuckle, but still hits a superkick to drop Kendrick. Swann with a second rope phoenix splash that lands pretty awkwardly but that’s all she wrote.

Winner: Rich Swann

For the Fright Night Fatal 4-Way there are Halloween items all over the ring with some weapons sprinkled around ringside.

Daivari on the mic as he heads to the ring, rips on Virginia, gets interrupted by Mustafa Ali who tosses candy out to the crowd. Nese out next, does his usual posing and jawing. Metalik out last, Ali tries to give everyone candy, Nese really doesn’t want to take the candy. “I don’t eat candy! Halloween is stupid!” as Nese smacks the candy to the skies.

Fright Night Fatal 4-Way

Ariya Daivari Vs. Gran Metalik Vs. Mustafa Ali Vs. Tony Nese

The match begins and Metalik lift Ali up as he hits a nice dropkick on Daivari. It’s only Ali and Metalik in the ring, plenty of flipping by both guys who counter each other into a stalemate. Ali goes for a handshake and in comes Daivari and Nese. Metalik gets his face smacked on a table.

In the ring, Ali tosses a pumpkin in Nese’s face, Ali then grabs some candy and tries to make Nese eat it. “No!” yells Nese, he wouldn’t want to lose his abs. Daivari goes for a pin on Ali, Metalik in for the breakup. Metalik heads to the top rope but Daivari yanks him to the mat. Daivari grabs candy and throws it on the ground. There’s a mask in the bucket, Daivari puts it on and mocks Metalik. Daviari and Ali on on the second rope, Ali ends up getting the mask, grabs a skeleton that’s on the ring post, puts the mask on the skeleton, tosses it on Daivari, Metalik shows up, walks the ropes and hits a missile dropkick.

Nese sneaks a kendo stick to Davairi, Nese and him take turns smacking Ali with them. Ali in a tree of woe position, Nese does some ab crunches and chucks pumpkins at Ali each time. Metalik tries to springboard in and gets a kendo stick to the stomach, pin by Daivari, two-count.

A bag of something makes it way into the ring, Ali throws pumpkin at Nese and Daivari to halt whatever they were doing. Daivari and Ali on the outside, Nese mistakenly knocks Daivari into a bucket of apples. Metalik with a high crossbody that takes out Nese, Metalik tosses Nese in the ring, Ali with the candy, shoves it in Nese’s face. Metalik with a superkick, Ali goes for the pin, Metalik breaks it up and these two are now going at it. Metalik with a nice spinning facebuster, pin, two-count. Metalik puts Ali up on the top rope, but Nese ruins the fun. Sunset powerbomb/superplex combo with Daivari flying from out of nowhere on Ali, pin, two!

Daivari bring in a table, Metalik slams a pumpkin into Daivari’s face, lays him on the table, and heads to the top rope. Nese smacks him in the back with a kendo stick, grabs the back and drops out a ton of candy corn! Nese is not at all happy with this development, goes up to the top, but ends up getting back body dropped through the table, pin, Daivari breaks up the pin. He throws Metalik to the ring post and focuses his attention on Ali. Ali throws a pumpkin pie in Daivari’s face, kick to the face, Ali grabs a broomstick, goes to the top and hits a leg drop using the stick and wins!

Winner: Mustafa Ali

That’s it for the show! Let us know your thoughts in the comments and I will see you back here next week! Until then, safe travels!

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