X-Pac 1, 2, 360 Recap – TLC Analysis, Jeff Jarrett Enters Rehab, Did The Rock Encourage Nia Jax to Leave WWE? More!

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He thought the A.J. Styles/Finn Balor match lived up to expectations, and he loved the ‘Too Sweet’ touch at the end. Those two guys were in a tough spot, having to come up with a lengthy match on short notice due to Bray Wyatt’s illness, and X-Pac thought they did a terrific job on this show.

X-Pac is beginning to think that Vince McMahon told Cesaro to delay getting his teeth fixed because it’s been several weeks now since that in-ring accident, and the teeth still are fixed. X-Pac bets that McMahon is seeing dollar signs right now, knowing that he can sell new merchandise and add a whole new element to Cesaro’s character relating to his missing teeth.

He thought the main event match was pretty good and he thought there were a number of cool spots, including Kane pulling the line of chairs down from the roof onto Strowman, and Strowman getting thrown in the back of a garbage truck.

X-Pac thought it was cool to see Alicia Fox win the triple threat match on RAW, winning the captaincy of Team RAW at Survivor Series. He informs that WWE scouted Fox from a modelling agency, and she has turned into a very good talent for someone who never really had any intentions of becoming a professional wrestler.

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