Russo informs that he found himself right in the middle of ‘Markaritaville’ this past weekend when he attended a wrestling convention in Monroe, NJ. He says he was amazed with what he saw at this convention, with thousands of marks spending money they probably didn’t have hand over fist as all the performers there urged them to continue to spend.

He says there’s nothing wrong with being a fan of something. He admits to being a mark for baseball and for certain films that he really enjoys, but supporting your favourite baseball team is normal. Lots of fans also pay to listen to Russo’s shows each week and that’s perfectly normal because it’s not an obsession. There’s a huge difference between supporting something and obsessing over something.

Russo says he had a lot of conversations with people at the convention and there were several common traits between each of the individuals. He says each of these individuals live and die by professional wrestling, and most of them are far too old to be that obsessed with something that really doesn’t matter.

He believes that anyone who obsesses over wrestling that much must have a gaping whole in their life somewhere, and they’re trying to fill that void with wrestling. Russo says that professional wrestling isn’t going to fill that void because the only thing that’s going to fill that void effectively is God.


Russo says that while these people are obsessing over things that don’t matter the world is passing them by, and their time would be much better served obsessing over making themselves better. Start obsessing about making the world a better place, helping people at work and spending more time with their families.

He points out that if you’re obsessing over wrestling this much, you probably don’t have friends or a significant other. If you continue to spend your days obsessing over wrestling, those things are never going to change. Their lives will remain the same and they’ll never make a significant impact on the people around them.

Russo goes on to says that these people need to sit back and ask themselves what they’re missing. What’s missing in their lives that makes them want to obsess over such an insignificant thing? He thinks these people really need to do some soul searching.

He says he spoke with some people this past weekend who were telling him things about wrestling in the 1970’s and Russo didn’t have a clue what they were talking about. He says he’s calling these people obsessive marks not to insult them, but to try to help them because this type of obsession is not healthy for anyone and their time could be much better utilized in other fashions.

Russo says that he was obsessed with writing wrestling for several years and he knows now that that was a waste of time, even though it made him money. He doesn’t care about the money because in the end, money doesn’t matter. He says that if people are insulting you and calling you a ‘mark’, you should probably pay attention to them because they’re doing it for a reason.

That sums up today’s episode of Vince Russo’s The Brand. You can listen to the show yourself anytime here, and I’ll catch ya tomorrow for another recap!

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