The Taz Show Recap – Smackdown Analysis, Trios Championship in WWE, What’s With the Camera Shaking? More!

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Block 3:

Taz liked the opening in-ring promo between Sami Zayn and Shane McMahon. He points out that the Shane McMahon character is significantly different today than it was a decade ago. McMahon is a ‘tough guy’ now, wearing leather jackets and training in MMA.

Taz doesn’t think McMahon should be presented as tougher than the full-time Superstars, but he also admits that McMahon is a legitimate athlete who needs to be kept strong for the 2-3 main event calibre matches he has each year. Taz adds that McMahon is a really nice guy who he always enjoyed working with over the years.

He had no issue with Corbin losing by disqualification because he thinks that adds development to Corbin’s character and he liked what WWE has been doing with him. What Taz does have an issue with is the constant camera shaking during physical portions of matches. He says he’s actually getting headaches from watching WWE programming and he thinks the camera shaking needs to stop.

He also didn’t understand why WWE didn’t show any security outside the building last night. Cole kept telling us that Shane McMahon made sure there was security outside the building to defend the locker room against RAW Superstars if they tried to invade, but the viewers at home never saw any of them. Taz thinks it felt cheap to just show an exit sign like WWE did, and he thinks the cameras should have went outside once or twice to show the security surrounding the building.

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