TLC was quite a car-crash, and I mean that in a good way. There was no shortage of action and excitement. Ladders were climbed, chairs were sat on, and tables failed to break (looking at you, Dean). No doubt there are a lot of highlights. Everyone will be talking about the main event, and with good reason. It was that good.

Still, there’s more to the show. So much more happened. With all this in mind, here are some big points from Tables, Ladders, & Chairs.


Asuka Is Still Undefeated


Asuka made her long-awaited main roster debut against sassie Aussie Emma at TLC. While it was not the massacre many expected, what matters is the result. Asuka won. She has still never been pinned. She’s never tapped out.

How long does WWE want to keep this winning-streak going? With a division of only 10 people, Asuka is going to run out of competition very quickly. She can only fight Dana Brooke so many times. Jobbers lose their entertainment value if they are used too much.

There’s a more important question, though. Who will beat Asuka? I think in NXT they planned for Ember Moon to be the one to dethrone the Empress of Tomorrow, but a collarbone injury changed that. So who will beat the unbeatable? There’s not a lot of options right now. Bayley? Sasha Banks? Alexa Bliss? Alicia Fox (no offense to her, but God forbid)?

There’s also the question of how quickly she is inserted into the title picture. When will she become champion? And if she does, will she reign supreme over Raw as well? Should we be anticipating 510 Days of Asuka 2.0? I think one can be cautiously optimistic about Asuka’s future.


Enzo Amore is Champion (Again)

Enzo Amore is now a two-time Cruiserweight Champion. This is going to raise a lot of questions for 205 Live. Does Kalisto get another shot at the title? If so, who ends up on top?

Amore’s title win at TLC means that WWE is still invested in him as a character. Why wouldn’t they? Barring any personal flaws, the man can talk, and he’s brought fresh eyes to 205 Live.

Regardless of who wins the feud, there will need to be new challengers. Should Kalisto win, which of 205’s dastardly heels shall face him? Drew Gulak? Brian Kendrick?TJ Perkins?

I initially thought Amore would be a babyface champion, but I was proven wrong. So should Amore emrge victorious, who will be the one to vanquish the loudmouth bully? Both Cedric Alexander and Rich Swann are waiting in the wings, but even someone more unexpected like Mustafa Ali would be a welcome surprise.


A Potential Kurt Angle – Miz Feud

The Miz certainly wasn’t happy that his spotlight was stolen from him. Last night, during the main event, a TLC match, The Miz found himself on the receiving end of an Ankle Lock and a Triple Powerbomb. He was even pinned in the match. By Kurt Angle, no less.

Miz isn’t going to take this ignominy lying down. I wholeheartedly believe we may soon be seeing Kurt Angle step foot in the ring against The Miz. TLC proved that Angle can wrestle without dying mid-match. A battle with the A-Lister may be the next step.

Miz is not a bad choice. He’s talented in the ring, works a relatively safe style, and his character work is impeccable. Remember last year’s feud between Miz and Daniel Bryan? They may be trying to replicate that storyline, except it will lead to a match between the two. It’s not the worst idea ever.

Perhaps at Survivor Series they’ll lock horns but for now all we can do is speculate.

Steve Carrier

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