The Taz Show Recap – War Games Returns, WWE’s Production Value, Lucha Underground’s Adult Programming, More!

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Block 2:

He also adds that although fans are already very excited about the return of War Games, he urges everyone to harness their expectations because this will not be the same War Games that we remember from over 20 years ago. WWE’s production value is on a different level than any of their competition and while that’s great, it also gives things a very polished look.

Taz thought this polished look was a negative during ECW’s rebirth under the WWE umbrella and he fears it might have a similar negative effect on the look of these old NWA brands. While it’s more than fine to be excited about the return of these brands, just be careful of what you expect to see.

Taz knows that Triple H is big fan of professional wrestling, and of the NWA in particular. However, Vince McMahon is not a fan of NWA and he’s still the boss when it comes to WWE programming. For this reason, Taz assumes McMahon will want to put his own mark on these two iconic brands.

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