Possible Reason Why Shane McMahon vs. Kevin Owens Is A Falls Count Anywhere Match


This Tuesday we saw SmackDown Live Commissioner Shane McMahon revealed that his match against Kevin Owens at the Hell in a Cell PPV this Sunday will be a falls count anywhere match inside the Cell.

Bryan Alvarez mentioned on Wrestling Observer Radio that the reason WWE might have added the stipulation to the match, saying that WWE might pre-record Shane’s stunt backstage with a stunt-double so as to avoid any potential injuries to the 47 year-old Commissioner of SmackDown.

“So, what’s the point of announcing that it’s a falls count anywhere match, except that maybe they were going over various ideas, and Shane decided ‘you know what, I’m old and I have a family, I really don’t wanna kill myself,’ and so they’re gonna do a pre-tape with a stunt man of something really stupid happening backstage, and they can do the finish there and not risk anybody’s life.”

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