WWE No Mercy 2017 Results


It’s time for the women’s match! The Champion, Alexa Bliss is definitely the favourite in the Staples Centre.

Women’s Championship Fatal 5 Way Match
(C) Alexa Bliss Vs. Emma Vs. Nia Jax Vs. Bayley Vs. Sasha Banks

The bell rings, and a big brawl breaks out. Jax splashes Bliss, and they knock Jax out of the ring. Emma, Bayley, and Banks go for a test of strength, but they knock Emma out quickly. Banks and Bayley start fighting until Banks kicks her down. Jax pulls Banks out of the ring and sends her into the barricade. Bayley attacks Jax, but Jax quickly attacks the recently healed shoulder, then Jax avalanches her. Emma gets in the ring and jumps on Jax’s back, but she pulls her off. Emma elbows her off and hits the ropes, but Jax slams her down. Jax goes for a cover, but Bliss clubs her.

Jax and Bliss yell at each other. Bliss goes for a DDT, but Jax holds her up and slams her. Jax throws her across the ring and avalanches her before giving Emma an avalanche. Bliss fights back at Jax and slaps her, but Jax picks her up. She uses Bliss to hit Banks on the top rope. Jax then hits Bliss and Banks with a double Samoan Drop, but Bayley breaks it up. Bayley counters a suplex and applies a guillotine on Jax. Jax lifts her and puts her on the apron. All four women team up to knock Jax out of the ring.

Emma and Bliss then send Banks into Bayley to knock her out of the ring. Emma hits Banks with a suplex, and Bliss covers. Emma breaks it up and they argue. Emma slaps her and takes her down for a two count. Emma punches Banks down and attacks Jax on the apron. Jax head-butts her back and goes for a suplex out of the ring, but Emma stops it and kicks her. Emma goes for a sunset flip powerbomb onto the floor, but Jax holds on. Bayley tries to help to no avail. Jax is then kicked by Banks, and they powerbomb her on the floor! Jax hit the floor hard!

Bliss and Emma fight in the ring. Bayley comes in suplexes Bliss into the corner. Emma then knocks Bayley into Bliss in the corner and hits a low running cross-body in the corner. Banks gets in the ring and hits Emma with a bulldog followed by a shining wizard, but Bliss breaks it up. Banks applies the Bank Statement to Bliss, but Bayley breaks it up. Bayley hits Bliss with Bayley-To-Belly, but Banks breaks it up. Jax gets in the ring and attacks Bayley before dropping a leg on Banks, but Emma breaks it up. Jax goes for a running shoulder on Bliss, but she sidesteps it and Jax hits the ring post with a thud. Bliss gets Banks out of the ring and hits Bayley with a DDT for the win.

Winner: Alexa Bliss

Renee Young interviews Alexa Bliss. She says there’s a lot of stars in Hollywood, but she’s a goddess.

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