WWE No Mercy 2017 Results


Kick-Off Show

WWE No Mercy from Los Angeles kicks-off with the pre-show panel of Renee Young, David Young, Sam Roberts, & Jerry Lawler. Renee says tonight feels like WrestleMania, Lawler agrees and says these are WrestleMania-worthy matches. We go backstage to the Social Media Lounge with Charly Caruso, who will be joined later tonight with Alexa Bliss for an interview.

We see Braun Strowman backstage, he says that there will be no more talking, tonight Brock Lesnar cannot run from him. Strowman says that he destroyed Brock at SummerSlam and that tonight he will destroy him again, and stand over his carcass with the Universal Championship.

An awesome video package airs that shows both John Cena and Roman Reigns’ careers from the very start until now, chronicling all of their accolades. The package shows all of their feuding over the past few weeks. We return to the pre-show and Kurt Angle has joined them. Angle says that these two are among the very best in the company and whoever wins tonight, is the man. Roberts says that Angle once said John Cena could be the guy to replace him, and does Angle think Cena sees Roman the same way. Angle says for sure he does and that’s why Cena is looking for the fight because that’s a hard pill to swallow. The Miz randomly approaches and interrupts the panel. He sarcastically asks which match they are talking about, and says that every match he is in is WrestleMania-worthy. Angle simply wishes him luck in his match with Jason Jordan. The Miz can’t believe Angle is wishing him luck. Miz says that Angle wasn’t there for Jordan’s first steps, or his first little league game, however he will be there tonight to watch Jordan lose and wipe his tears. Jerry Lawler warns Miz about insulting someone’s family because it always comes back to haunt you, to which The Miz says that he is The Miz and Lawler isn’t. The Miz holds his title high and says he is the best IC Champion ever and the fans chant his name.

The next match for discussion is Finn Balor and Bray Wyatt. Finn joins the panel via a split-screen from backstage somewhere. Renee says that Finn has already defeated Bray Wyatt but he did so as The Demon. Tonight, Finn will be wrestling by himself. Finn says that he created The Demon and isn’t controlled by it. He says he is an extraordinary man, who can do extraordinary things. And tonight he will prove himself as the man. The panel discuss Finn and says he can be amazing without The Demon. They make their predictions and Otunga and Roberts side with Finn, while Lawler reckons Bray will pull out a win.

The panel talks over highlights over Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose teaming together, saying they look like a well-oiled machine. Sam Roberts says that everyone is happy with Rollins and Ambrose as a team, and both men are better off this way, at least right now. On the other side, Lawler says Sheamus & Cesaro have had a month now to seethe and point this rematch.

We go backstage for an interview with Neville, who says tonight will be no classic match, it’s going to be a very quick affair, because he’s said it before, Enzo Amore is no fighter. An entertainer, perhaps even a superstar, but he’s no athlete, and on 205 Live they deal fundamentally in athletics. He says Enzo may have found it hilarious when he kicked him in the crown jewels, but he’ll find it hilarious to see the look on everyone’s face when they realize that Amore has been horrifically disfigured and sports a misaligned jaw and a broken nose. The panel quickly discuss the match and they say that Enzo is up against it tonight.

We go into the social media lounge with Charly Caruso and her guest Alexa Bliss. She’s excited to have Asuka around, because she’s confident that she’s the best in the division. First proper question is about preparations, and she says she prepared the same way, and she knows she has to keep her eyes on everybody because she can lose the title without being pinned or submitted. The next question is actually a marriage proposal and Bliss turns the poor guy down. The final question is about whether she believes she’ll walk out as champion with Nia Jax in the match. She says she knows Nia’s weaknesses and she’s ready to fight. Panel discussion of the match follows, including the idea that Asuka is debuting at TLC.

Elias is in the ring and he’s got a new song for LA. He says they call this the City of Angels, but as far as he’s concerned, he’s in hell. He then sings his song, comparing Los Angeles to Apollo Crews for being fake. The Drifter is just about ready to rhyme “script” with “shit” when Crews makes his entrance.

Elias Vs. Apollo Crews W/Titus O’Neil

The match starts with a collar and elbow tie-up, Samson with an arm drag, Crews back to his feet and back at the lockup, he grabs a wristlock into an armbar but again the Drifter slings him away. Again to the lockup, this time Elias gets a side headlock, he blocks a shoot off, and hangs on when Apollo tries to step up the turnbuckles and flip out.

Reversed to a headscissors on the mat, Crews grabs a side headlock of his own and starts throwing arm drags after. Into a kneeling armbar, Samson to his feet, shoots him off, Apollo handsprings over him, leapfrog, drop down, dropkick, side headlock takeover and right back to the mat as O’Neil shouts encouragement. Drifter rallying, kick to the gut, chop, whip reversed, back body drop puts Crews to the apron! Shoulder block but Elias has the gamengiri scouted and trips him up, sending Crews crashing to the floor and sending us to break.

Back from the ad, Apollo is down and out in the corner when the Drifter comes over with a flurry of punches. He decapitates Crews off the ropes with a lariat for a nearfall before locking a reverse chinlock on. Apollo to his feet, body blows for separation, Elias with a kick to the face from the mat that sends Crews in the corner but he walks forearms in.

Big kick for a nearfall from Samson into a seated rear chinlock. Apollo eventually escapes and lands a suplex and both men are down and out. Lariats, kick to the gut, off the ropes with a boot, jumping lariat, kip-up, Apollo is fired up and lands an amzing standing shooting star press but only earns a 2 count. Fireman’s carry from Apollo but Elias escapes with elbows. Crews lands an enziguiri and sends the Drifter to the outside.

Back inside the ring, Apollo goes up top but Elias moves out of the way. Elias follows-up with a charging forearm, then hits Drift Away for the win.

Winner: Elias

We finish up with a video package for Brock Lesnar Vs. Braun Strowman. Paul Heyman is interviewed backstage and he says that for the firs time ever, Brock Lesnar isn’t the favourite to win, you have to wonder if he can beat Braun. The panel discuss the match and David Otunga reckons Paul Heyman might see Strowman as a replacement for Lesnar. Otunga reckons tonight will be a changing of the guard. Roberts and Lawler agree that Lesnar might be at a size disadvantage but his experience and wit will take him over Braun tonight.

That’s it for the kick-off show, the main card is about to begin. Enjoy!

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