On the recent episode of E&C’s Pod Of Awesomeness, WWE Hall Of Famer Edge talked about the feud between WWE SmackDown Live Commissioner Shane McMahon and WWE Superstar Kevin Owens, and the WWE Chairman taking a headbutt from Kevin. Edge also talked about Vince McMahon supporting him during his first championship tenure.

Edge says the headbutt angle was surprising to him and that Vince has faith in Kevin Owens. Edge says that heis interested in what Vince said to Kevin before taking the headbutt, because Vince said some motivational words to him before he was going to cash in his Money In The Bank briefcase.

“Hell of a headbutt. I didn’t see that one coming. Yeah, yep. So here’s the thing: they built it throughout the show, which was great. And it seems like they’re pulling the trigger on Owens. Like, properly now. Not that he… I mean, he held almost every title in the company already, he basically been champion the entire time he been there, but I mean, this, this is a next level type of thing. I’m assuming main eventing Hell In A Cell pay-per-view with Shane now and if anyone is a master of making sure people get put over in matches, it’s Shane. Here’s what I really want to know – I want to know what Vince was saying to Kev right before the headbutt because you can see he’s laying something on him and I know how Vince talks like that. Like when I came out and handed in the briefcase, he says stuff to you and it’s motivating stuff, so I’d really like to find out what was said there.

Edge goes on to say that Vince told him to “prove him right” because Vince had faith in Edge over his decision to push him, while the others at WWE didn’t share the same thoughts as Vince and believed the push was “too soon” for Edge.

“‘Prove me right. Prove me right.’ because he was the only one that was in my corner. Everybody else either thought it was too soon after nine years with the company, or didn’t think it was going to work, or whatever. I mean, if I was going to have anybody in my corner, he’s the right guy to have and, thankfully, I did prove him right. But hearing that, right as I was about [to cash in], I was ready to chew the world apart, so I’d really like to know what that dialogue was because he’s not going to put somebody over that strong unless he sees something.”

Edge stated that this feud could make Kevin Owens a “made man”.


“Good angle. It will be interesting going forward after Hell In A Cell where Owens goes because it could be argued that he got jumped passed the world title in terms of like, whoa, I don’t want to say ‘importance’, but in terms of interest. It will be interesting to see going forward because it could make Kevin a made man, basically going off of this and if it’s continued because work-wise, he just keeps doing what he’s doing. Maybe, yeah… And he’s a heel, which is not the case a lot nowadays. Like I’ve said, there are not too many heels and he’s one of them.”

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