The Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling podcast recently interviewed Robbie E. Here are some highlights:

Making a Dad-Bod web series with Muscle and Fitness: “When I was on The Amazing Race was the first time I was approached by Muscle and Fitness and they did an article on me basically on how do you build up your endurance to prepare for the race, how do you stay fit during the race and it went well. We stayed in contact and they’ve done a few followups on me about my wrestling career and they always reach out to see what new things I’ve got going on in my life. They knew I had baby twins and they saw from posting pictures that I am still in great “Robbie E” shape so they asked if I’d be interested in doing these “Dad-Bod” videos to show that you can be a Dad and stay fit and obviously I said of course.”

“Every Monday at 10:30am Eastern on all of their social media (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, website, YouTube) they put these videos up and it is basically me giving a workout. There are so many Dads and there really is a Dad-Bod. I know so many guys that I went to high school with that once they get married and have kids you see them a few years later and they just look different. Whether they are losing more hair or they have a gut or whatever it is they start to look like a Dad. Not everyone but a good portion of people just kind of do and they give up on themselves and put everything into their family and their kids, which there is nothing wrong with that but you shouldn’t forget about yourself and you are still living life. One thing that I said and my wife said is we are not going to change as people when we have kids, so it is basically a little video and a tip of a workout you can do in a short period of time while you are interacting with your kids.”

Current status with GFW and how he will be brought back: “I am still 1000% with GFW. I think it is just as simple as Jeff came back, he’s back in charge and what he wanted to do is revamp the product. Now he is finally going in a direction that shows stability and the right people are there and the story lines are going to start to add up and revamp the whole look. New colors, new entrance way, new ropes and of course some new faces and with having new faces you’ve got to give the old faces a break. Myself, Bramm, Zima have kind of been taken off TV to be brought back and the cool thing for me is that I am going to be better than ever.”


What fans can expect for his upcoming return: “For seven years I have done cool things and I think a lot of people have it in their head that Robbie E is a funny guy and a comedy guy but I think this will be my chance to comeback as something completely different. I think people forget that I am an accomplished wrestler. This will be a chance to remind them. What better way than to take me away for a little bit and give me a fresh start.”

Thoughts on Anthem reviving GFW: “They are here, the company is up and running, everybody is getting paid and we’ve got a television show so it sounds good to me. It has all been positive so far and I look forward to the future. We are here and that is all that matters.”

Tommy Dreamer’s claims that he’s using his kids to get over: “Tommy Dreamer tries to take a shot at me every chance he gets. Why? Because he is jealous of Robbie E and that is right and you can quote it; Tommy Dreamer is jealous and a Robbie E wannabe. I’m not using my kids to get over. It is so my kids can get over also. You’ve always got to revamp yourself so it is almost like I am making a little group kind of like when a singles guy gets a little gang together. But I am tired of him running his mouth on Instagram and Twitter. On this podcast I am challenging him to anything because I am better than Tommy Dreamer at everything. I am making any kind of challenge whether he wants it to be a wrestling match, an MMA fight, a boxing match, a karate match, an eating contest..I want Tommy Dreamer in something so I can beat him over and over again. Can you make that happen?”

“This has been going on for years. Like I said, I really think he has an obsession with me and I think he really just wants to be me so bad. He is jealous that I am more of a hybrid than him, I think I am willing to take more risks in the ring than him and I am more hardcore than him. I think he really wishes he was Robbie E.”

Steve Carrier

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