Talk is Jericho Recap w/ Drew McIntyre – Dealing With His WWE Release, Working for TNA, Who Convinced Him to Come to NXT? More!

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TNA officials then told him that he could work TNA television tapings around his current bookings, so he agreed to that deal. He worked in TNA for almost a year and they kept their promises, so he had a great experience working for that company. His favourite opponent in TNA was Bobby Lashley.

McIntyre says that he had a great working relationship with Billy Corgan. He feels that if Corgan would have bought that company, he would still be working there today along with other talents who left such as Matt and Jeff Hardy. Jericho says that if Corgan would have been successful in purchasing the company, he believes they would have had a chance to truly do something original.

During his entire tenure away from WWE McIntyre kept in contact with William Regal. Regal constantly told him to not change his style based on where he was working. McIntyre knew that was essential advice because he was being booked based on the style he worked, so if he tried to change that style to match each promotion he worked for, it simply wouldn’t have worked.

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