Predicting Sasha Banks’ Next Challengers


Nia Jax

The Women’s Division is small enough that it won’t be long before Nia Jax finds herself in the title picture. However, WWE must refrain from pulling the trigger on her too early. I’m sure Nia’s a great person. She seems friendly, humble, and hardworking. You can tell she’s trying her best. Unfortunately, as of now, her best simply isn’t good enough to be champion.

If the predecessors are anything to go by, a Banks – Jax match will be a simple “David and Goliath” affair. By properly booking Nia on her way to the title picture, WWE can make people wonder if Jax will be too much for Sasha. Think of Randy Orton v. Mark Henry at Night of Champions 2011. Henry looked like a beast coming into the fight, and both men told a great story of a desperate champion trying to move an immovable object. In the end, though, it was Henry who triumphed.

It’s not hard to tell a similar story between Sasha and Nia. The size difference between the two is almost comical. It will do wonders for Sasha to crawl away victorious, as she will look resilient and determined.

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